Reflection Week 1

I swapped courses from Acting pathway to Production Arts during this week. This was because I wasn’t enjoying performing arts(acting pathway) because how different it was from GCSE drama. As well as doing production Arts, it allows you to have more job offer and I will always have work available.

On Monday 5th September, we went through our assignment brief for the acting pathway and analysed words or things we didn’t understand. At the moment we could ask Lynn if there were any words we didn’t understand, however for examples of stories, she wanted us to look them up. From todays lesson I learnt that its better asking if you didn’t get something or know it than rather not. What I did during this lesson was show everyone who i am with confidence because this was the first time i met everyone there. I learnt that it doesn’t matter who you are, you will always be nervous. From that day i am more confident speaking to people than i was on the first day. Throughout this lesson i contributed when needed, however should have asked more questions about the brief.

When I was in acting, first day I learnt who was in my class and who all my tutors were. On Tuesday 6th September my aim was to add observation to my list of skills. I learnt some terminology that describes the different ways of speaking. Pitch, volume, tone, accent, articulation and tempo. Also I learnt particular areas in your mouth and what they are called. Such as the alveolar ridge, hard palate, soft palate and blade of your tongue. during this activity i changed my voice so it wasn’t the same as my original. This made my pitch higher and change the tone of it also. To increase my knowledge on observing people voices, I will listen to people around me and how they talk including how they move their mouths. The way i will get better at changing voices is practicing over and over again. Throughout this skill lesson i contributed a bit when needed but i could have increased how much i talked through the lesson.

On Wednesday 7th September, I started off with directed study and I looked up the different types of stories that was listed in the brief and also what a fable was. I made my own definitions through research; Parable: It is a simple story that normally has two meanings. For example Jesus in the Gospels. Myth: It is a traditional story that are really old from the early history of people explaining stories that are seemed to be done but have a false belief. Myth is also known as mythology that a group of people gather together and explain the nature, customs and history. Fairy tale:It is a short story that involves make belief characters. Most lately these stories relate to young children literature. Legend: Well-known stories that are based around historical people. For example, the legend of King Arthur. Fable:This type of story includes animals and are based around them. The story includes morals. Morals are things you learn from what you do and learn the rights and wrongs from them. I then had to think of what the purposes were for these specific stories. The purpose of using parable for a type of story because people can learn two things from the stories from. A Myth is used as a type of story because it allows people to image and get distracted from the real world and be taken into a new imagery one. A fairy tale is used as a type of story because it appeals to a wide range of age. It mostly appeals to the younger audience but then appeals to parents because they are simple and easy to read to the younger children. A legend story is used as a type of story because it allows people to learn about the history of the world and the people who have been in it and who have made differences. A fable is used as a type of story because it appeals to younger children because of the animals but also appeals to other ages. Religions will like these stories because what the animals are symbolising and how there is always a moral involved. I should reference back too these so I can remember them for when I need them or need to talk about it. I then had Gary for a lesson and we learnt how you don’t need to say anything but you can still entertain and make the audience feel emotion. We were set to make our own performance using chairs but using it for anything. For my idea I thought the chair as being a bus stop and i am in a hurry for something and the bus is running late. I learnt from my lesson with Erica that if something happens through improv, it brings down the energy of the audience and performers especially if it shocks people. I contributed through both these lessons, however should have gotten more into the improv games.

On Thursday 8th September, the aim of todays lesson was looking at character work and observing it. I learnt that the way you talk or walk changes your whole body language and how you portray it. I’ve also learnt that the way people sit can show how people are and what they are like. so people who take up a lot of space when they walk or sit can seem more confident or chilled, whereas the opposite of trying to seem really small can mean they don’t want to be seen because of less confidence. I’ve learnt that if you talk differently for example if you have a lisp or try to use one, it changes how your eyes are or body language is. A tilt to the head can mean the person is in charge and if they are treating you less as a person, meaning dominating you. By the way you talk you can persuade people to be on your side a good thing I can look out or is if anyone says anything common that specifically they do. From this lesson I need to start thinking of the reasons why people talk or walk like they do and thinking if i can recreate this action. I got into todays activities and exaggerated when needed, however I could improve on how I explain things because if im describing something I don’t go into enough detail for someone to image what I was imagining. After lunch I decided to talk to Hannah about swapping courses because production arts seemed more practical and has a wider range of things you can do. I learnt from sitting in and watching season rehearsals how hard the work is and especially because it is happening straight after the half term.

On Friday 9th September, I started my new course of production arts. first thing I had to do was an employability lesson, which helped me to see what skills or abilities I have or i could improve on. I then had audition theatre so the people we didn’t see of their summer work we saw them. From this I learnt how facial expression can change the whole performance.I learnt from Lynn’s theory lesson what the difference between relection and evaluation is. I also learnt how much detail you should go into when reflecting and evaluating what you do. I learnt from writing blogs in my self-direct study that instead of saying what I done during the day and write about what i learn during the day and in the lessons. In the season rehearsals, I learnt how much energy is needed to get this down and how fast we have to get things ready.



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