Reflection Week 2

On Monday 12th September, we were off timetable Monday and Tuesday because of medias 48 hours film challenge. In the morning we took down the staging for the improve show that was on Friday. From this I learnt how to disconnect the lighting properly so it fits in the bags they came in. During the 48 hour media challenge the rest of the people on the course had to make a chair duet. This means for the whole of Tuesday I was out in Bury filming them in different places. I learnt from this the angles, lighting and scenery can change the emotion of the performance. Also I learnt the timing of moving the camera can make the performance even stronger, meaning the performance is more emotional. We went through our assignment briefs and I remembered the different types of staging. For example thrust which is all around the performers except from the back of the stage. The reason age restriction has a question mark next to it, is because not all posters provide it and sometimes you don’t need them. For example I think the families of the cast will be the most viewers at Our House, so therefore will have a range of ages.


During the meeting we went to with the year 2 Production Arts I saw some of their work they needed to do in a little of time and it made me realise everything piece of work i do or am involved in, I need to record it down and keep evidence, such as programs of the plays/musicals I have been involved in. We went through our briefs and came across that we have to make a poster for Our House which our whole assignment is about. We came up with what is needed on posters and what to include in it. Then another meeting we had was to go through the set for Our House and get given our roles for it and what we will be getting assessed on. img_0103

Most of this week we were off timetable because Han was sorting out the year 2 Production Arts and having meetings with us about our brief and Our House set design. On Thursday 15th September, we had live sound with Andy Guy, for me this was my first lesson with Andy because I swapped courses. So because I missed that lesson the other year 1 Production Arts and Music Tech learnt how to set up the mics, amps and the front stage. I learnt how to do most of the technical things by watching because we got put into groups and had to set up one part of the staging. At first I was doing front stage which I think is the most I learnt about, so is my most confident bit putting up. Then I set up the mics but didn’t feel that confident with it so need to practice that more. Andy said how important it was to connect the amps properly because of damaging the front stage or even damaging yourself.

Then Friday 16th September I was off sick, however I learnt that in employability I should have learnt about Harvard referencing. Then in the theory lesson with Lynn the group learnt how to analyse the script and why you need to read the introduction so you can understand the play/musical properly.


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