Reflection Week 4


Monday 26th September, In the warm-up sessions we had the presentations that followed on from last week. Following on from that we had self-directed study and then was in the theatre with year 2 Music Tech. I learnt the names of the different types of lights; parcan, fresnel, profile and flood. From this I also learnt the symbols that go with these types of lighting. We had to make our own lighting plan for a song we chose, which was Warpaint by Whiteout. What we did was use a lot of lights, however have pale colours: white, pink, violet and blue. This is because the song has a very steady beat and doesn’t change throughout the song. So the lighting changes weren’t very tense, they were calm. By this I mean it faded rather than sharp changes. We did this for the first session but then in the second session, we the had a go on the lighting desk, using the lights we were planning in the first session. For this it was my first ever go and I have leant when you are about to turn all the lights off, you have to shout ‘going dark’. As well as if you dropped anything from height you need to shout ‘heads’. Then when moving the chairs you need to shout ‘moving’ so no one is around it. After the Music Tech people left, we still had time in that lesson, so we carried on learning about the lighting desk and learnt how to create a chase. In season rehearsals we went through Embarrassment up until Pressmen scene.


Tuesday 27th September, I started off with directed study and carried on with work that I needed to complete. Then i had self-directed study which i carried on with the work i needed to complete. Then i went to the theatre to meet year 1 and 2 Production Arts. In this lesson the people who needed to complete work went to the library to do so and the rest of us were discussing about the flats for Our House. We found 3 flats that are all the same size that we are going to be using and we unscrewed the bases/stands on them and hinges because they are not needed. After this we had the bases on which the flats would be places on, however a problem came across because when they move, Gary wants the bases to be right next to each other. The bases are roughly 1m and 20cm long and the flats are 1m wide so between each flat there will be 20cm away from each other. So we came up with an idea of cutting the bases down so they be put together. The way the flats will be put on the bases is y wood and weights which we need to work out. After this i had season rehearsals , which we went through the things we did yesterday and then carried on until ‘driving in my car’ blocking it when we go. As i am the stage manager for this production i helped the cast out with their works and cues for Shane, because James was off ill. In the rehearsals instead of projections of a car, Ryan, Henry and Dylan will be coming out with a steering wheel.

Wednesday 28th September, I started off with directed study where I finished off any work needed and I completed this to be up to date. Then this carried on for self-directed study. During my lesson with Han we started the mic plan for Our House. This was my first time doing this, so at first i didn’t understand, however going through it with everyone made it more clear. I learnt how to set out a mic plan, plus how to do it properly. In Our House rehearsals we carried on from the ‘driving in my car’ scene, blocking as we go along. Also keep going through everything. We kept going from the cocktail scene, meaning the table and chairs had to keep coming on and off.

Thursday 29th September, We had a lesson with Andy Guy on live sound and we learnt how to set up the whole speaker set up, we also set up everything else properly. Meaning taping it all down (wires) so there is no tripping hazards. Then we went through line checking to see if there were any issues, which there were, many of them. So as we went along we tried to correct them, however there must have been something that went wrong because a lot went wrong throughout checking it. In Our House rehearsals we carried on with baggy trousers choreography and nearly finished the whole on the instrumental bit.

Friday 30th September, In employability we talked about CVs and interviews for jobs. This included what to wear and how to act on experiences from John. Then in audition prep, year 1 actors left and so the year 2 actors showed us their monologues, also giving feedback for them. Then certain people were given the role to take the lead for games. In the lesson with Lynn, we talked about ‘Our Day Out’ by Willy Russell. It has a really big cast that schools and colleges would love, however professional performances, its most likely they wouldn’t do it because they would have paid all of them. As well as there are a lot of children actors which will need to be supervised by female and male people because of the gender. This also means separate changing rooms, which takes up more room. Through all of Willy Russell’s other work, you can think of what the class of this play will be about. As Willy is more a socialist, he will be projected this play towards a working class audience. We talked about techniques and from TV set because this was performed on the tele. We talked about diegetic and non-diegetic and what they mean. This is a more media studies key words. Diegetic means what the people on the stage can hear and then non-diegetic is what the people on the stage can’t hear. We talked about how to made the scenery realist or not. The way you would do this, is by the designer and director working very close together. To make the pay made sense you would want to read the intro, character list and blurb. We then had self-directed study where year 1 and 2 production arts met up in purple haze to carry on and finish the mic plan. I learnt that I knew what the cast was casted as (Alto, bass etc). In Our House rehearsals we went through the last bit of act 1, however still havent finished it. We are hoping to go over the whole of act 1 on Monday,where i will reading from ‘the book’ all the way through.


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