Reflection Week 5

Monday 3rd October, I started off with self-directed study which I completed off my assignment which is due Wednesday. Then i had a lesson with Han and year 2 music techs. We went into groups which all the production arts people went into one and make our own lightening area. We were given upstage left corner and went for the theme of Yellow, orange and red making the image of sunset. We used three floods on the floor and then the parcans which were the lights which were already set up. We carried this on using the scaffolding to get to the lights up until Our House rehearsals. Then in Our House rehearsals we went through the whole of Act 1 off the book, meaning i had to be on the book all the way through. During this i realized how fast the musical was and how little dialogue there is without any underscore on.

Tuesday 4th October, In the morning we had choir up until 10:15, which we sang ‘imagination’ from the film Charlie and the chocolate factory. Then we had an hour of directed study which I carried on with my poster i created for Our House. I done this by hand rather than computer because i think it is easier for me to plan an idea on paper so i can erase a little bit at a time on hand, which i can not do on a computer because i am not as confident, meaning i need to practice and get better at. Rather than having self-directed study we watched Into the Woods thinking about the set design instead of the context during it. this carried on until Our House because after lunch we have lessons with Han in the theatre anyway. To do with the set i liked how they used outdoor instead of inside because it made the story line seem more legit because the whole musical is based in the woods. As well as, they used the trees for the lightning and the leaves that were on the floor, which gave it more intense and realistic look. As well as when they created the bean stork with the umbrellas, one by one going up to show the growth. The way someone controlled the cow made the cow more realistic, also the person who was controlling it also made the facial expressions during they were onstage. The main part that i thought looked good while on stage was the giant, because it appeared and no one was expecting what it was going to look like, also having a hand which kept moving, conveying aspects of a human. Then in Our House rehearsals, we went through the ending of act 1, cleaning it up more and blocking the ending because we hadn’t done that yet.

Wednesday 5th October, I started off with directed study, finishing off my assignment which is due 10:15 today. Rather than having self-directed study, the whole of production arts went into the theatre to practice and get better at the flat movement because Gary was disappointed in the boys during Mondays run through. Gary also mentioned that the boys need to get off the book so the flats can be more smooth and the fact in the real performances they will not be able to hold them during it. This also carried on after lunch because we had a lesson with Han in the theatre. During this I was giving the cues and reading out the parts if there was underscore so they know the timings. Then in Our House rehearsals, we carried on blocking and went through act 1 bits which needed cleaning.

Thursday 6th October, I went to the theatre royal for the whole day, up to 2:30. We went round doing different workshops, for example, we went to 4 different workshops which were; technical, education and enrichment, marketing and front house/box office. I started off the day with Chris the techie, who is freelance and isn’t the main person who works at the theatre royal. Chris showed us around the stage and backstage in the theatre, telling us about the history and what the rooms are used for. He also said about how he works as freelance, also the trucking, moving all the sets around if a production is on tour. Once space he showed us was where the deputy stage manager would sit during the production, which interested me because I am the DSM in Our House. Then i had education and enrichment with Georgina, who made us pretend as if we were 7-8 year old throughout this workshop. At first she didn’t explain what her actual job is and just explained on what we were going to do. So firstly we were in groups and made freeze frames of the 5 key points in Beauty and the Beast. Then we had to make another 5 freeze frames proving the aspect of excepting each other, because this is what Georgina was having to do for the 7-8 year old as a PSHE lesson. Then before lunch we had front of house/ box office with David and Rick. During this workshop we were given situations that the employees can be put in by customers. A volunteer stood up and tried to explain it themselves but we paused it during the situations to explain and make the best choices throughout the situation. Then our final workshop was with Ben doing marketing. We read through newspaper articles that Ben would have written to send and explain what is going on etc. In the first paragraph you should add the 5 W’s (what, when, why, where and who) and get straight to the point. After that we read through a really bad paper copy which told us always to proof read. I also learnt that considering on what type of marketing you need to send out the marketing earlier than others. For example about 2-3 weeks before the production send to glossy magazines and 2 days before the production send to daily newspapers. In Our House rehearsals, we went through the Wings of a Dove with Paul, so i was doing my WordPress doing this rehearsals.img_0419

Friday 7th October, to start off with I had employability, which we went through situations and discussing as a group to which how we would solve them and which we would do as stereotypically, being selfish or helping out. During this lesson I got involved giving my opinions etc. Then I had audition prep where we watched some monologues and gave feedback too. This included most of the year 2s but Liam stood up as a year 1, which will be better after he has remembered it all. I then had theory with Lynn, where we learnt specific dates that goes with historic events that can affect us without knowing. Such as Shakespeare’s birth. When we were going through hem as a big group we made changes to the ones that we thought were wrong, before we got told the right answers, and then somehow we ended up getting them all right.

Then I had self-directed study, which we went through the flats in the theatre again. In Our House rehearsals we divided off, so Paul took the soloists away for the first 12 pages in act 2, while in the theatre Han went through Our House dance and Baggy trousers cleaning it up.


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