Reflection Week 6

Monday 10th October, I started off with self-directed study were I was practicing my presentation that I have to give on Wednesday. Then I had lighting with Han and year 2 music techs, where we designed and set lighting for the production that is taking place on Thursday. I was doing the floods and because all the lighting was yellow, for the background, we decided to add colour. This making the floods on the floor are pink and blue and the ones on top were red and purple, which were from last week, but because it looked good we decided not to change the top ones. After music techs left, Han gave us a little lesson on stage management and what they do and how the book works. Which is very important for me as i am the stage manager for Our House. After that we got the theatre ready for rehearsals, cleaning everything up and putting all the jels away. This also means setting the tables, flats and speakers up. In rehearsals Paul was here so the cast started singing songs from Act 2 and went back to look at the other songs to go over.


Tuesday 11th October, I started off with choir, where we started singing jingle bells, for a concert or something that is popping up later in the term. After this I had directed study, where I was carrying on with my presentation so I was prepared. I was trying to make my presentation slide into the next slide so it was just me explaining and just having information on the screen. I then had self-directed study were we joined year 2s in tweed to help cut and sand wood, which is the frames of the posters which will be on the flats. We need to make 30; 15 big ones and 15 small ones. This means we carried on after lunch. We still haven’t finished all the big ones yet but we should by tomorrow. While most of us was doing this, Tanya was collecting costumes in tweed, ready to show Gary. In rehearsals Paul was here again, so he took people away who had solos in the first bit of Act 2 to work on, while Han done the dance for ‘Tomorrows just another day’.

Wednesday 12th October, I started off with directed study were I was putting the last bits to the presentation that I will be presenting later. I then had self-directed study, were we carried on with sanding and cutting wood and nearly finished the bigger frames. Then we were meant to have practical with Han but instead we did our presentations, which was a work on progress in Our House. Only the year 1s were presenting because it in in our brief, while the year 2s went to town and collected paint. They were also meant to get fabric but didn’t have enough money so had to order it off Ebay. After the presentations which will be on my autumn work, we had Our House rehearsals, where we carried on the dance and then cleaned up and blocked the last bit of Act 1.

Thursday 13th October, I started off with live sound with Andy and year 1 music techs, where we were doing staging. This was up to lunch, where we got the steel decks and put a simple gig stage up. There are so many people in this group that not everyone needed to do stuff, so I only joined in when needed, so the music techs could try out. This is because I had already done some staging because of improve and Edmunds. After this we has Self-directed study, where I was in tweed once again cutting wood. We had finished all the big ones so had started the smaller frames. We completed 4-5 which was good, this only meant 10 left. Then we had rehearsals, which was in the shed because of the show later on in the theatre. Gary went through the opening of Act 2 in Las Vegas. He blocked it and also choreographed the little bit when dad sings. After this he went through the blocking very quickly up to Pressman’s reception.

Friday 14th October, I started off with employability where we made a navigate page and set ourselves a target. If we don’t pass employability, we cannot pass the course. We then had audition prep, but instead all production arts met in purple haze to discuss on the poster design. We decided on a rough copy around the idea of Robyn’s plan because Han made the year 2s design a poster in her class. We then had theory with Lynn where we went over the history again. I now know clearly that Restoration comedy is a lot of dress up. The characters in it, will have names that will normally describe their personality. These are known as stock characters, which is basically stereotypes. We went through the kings and queens to see what era we are in when they are on thrown. For example queen Victoria it was the Victorian and Elizabeth it was the Elizabethan, however for king James it is Jacobean. This is very important for theatre work, because if someone describes a set as Jacobean it will be red, bloody, goory. Also learnt about the king Georges, which had 3 in a row on the thrown. However the only important one was George III. A little history behind him is, he had a disease that made him go mad, and however he still lived a long life. There was a book called ‘The madness of King George’. He rained for 60 years but when he died his son rained in for him. He was a prince regent, which is important for us because we have a regency theatre in Bury St Edmunds. We then had self-directed study where we were finishing off the frames, however we have 2 more sets to complete and 4 sets to sand down, which can be completed in one hour. While we was doing this, other people were clearing out under LX. We then had theatre where we ran through and blocked about 20 pages of Act 2, up to Pressman’s reception.


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