Reflection Week 7

Monday 17th October, I started off with warm up after registering and then went to self-directed study where I went to tweed. We finished off all the cutting of frames, all we need to do now is sand and have the frames to the same size, if they need to be. However through this Han came in and told us she wanted us to complete as much work needed for our wordpress because this week will be full on with building and fixing up the set. This meant I didn’t have a lesson today because my lighting one was cancelled. This let me sort out my wordpress with task 6 (presentation of work on progress) and start my evaluation for this. In rehearsals we went through what we did on Friday, which is going through Act 2 up to Pressman’s. Then we got onto Pressman’s and blocked it. This was for an hour, then after Han came in and choreographed Wings of a Dove. Meaning we only have around 20 pages left to block for Act 2.

Tuesday 18th October, I started off with choir and then went to directed study and carried on with wordpress. This is because the tools are not going to get here until 12:30 today. Making me have self-directed study up until lunch. After lunch we carried on with directed study because Han wanted us to try and complete everything before not having any spare time. This is because after today we will be spending all the time putting the frames together and starting to draw them on and paint them.

Wednesday 19th October, we started off being in the theatre and starting the signs. This includes all of production arts except from people who had maths. I started off with one of the proscenium arches, painting it, this lasted all day until i had to go to rehearsals. It was only me and James in rehearsals because we needed most people in the theatre doing work. In rehearsals we blocked more of Act 2, this was up to about 15 pages until the end.

Thursday 20th October, we carried on straight away being in the theatre doing work on the signs. Today we finished all of the small signs, building them up and putting the fabric on them. Once again we did this all day up until i had to go to rehearsals. In rehearsals Paul was here, so he went through the rest of the songs in Act 2, letting it easier for Gary to block. This was for half of the rehearsals and then Han came in and choreographed the rest of wings of a dove.

Friday 21st October, Today is an PD day, so I only had to come in for rehearsals. Gary wanted more time than 3-5, so we did 10-5 of rehearsals. Only Gary was in for today, so took over rehearsals. We did ‘this must be love’ and the market scene. This took the whole day because the market scene takes over 4-6 pages allowing us to nearly have completed Act 2. However we missed out a scene with Reecey and Joe, about Danny and have, the fire scene left to do and the ending, then we would have completed Act 2, which we are hoping to do on Thursday. I had to be with Gary the whole day because i am the stage manager, this is the same with James because he is sound. Therefore, everyone else, was carrying on with the signs trying to do as many as possible.



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