Reflection Autumn Half Term

During the half term i had to come in on Thursday 27th October, Friday 28th October and Saturday 29th October.On Thursday 27th October, the crew and the cast came in and we started running through more of act 2. While Hopwood and I was with Gary in 44, the rest of the crew were carrying on with the signs in the theatre. We ran through ‘It Must Be Love’ and Camden Market. This meant we only had the Alley, Church and Wedding left to do.On Friday 28th October, only the crew had to come in and that meant instead of being with Gary, I joined the others in the theatre and carried on painting and drawing the last few signs that was needed to be done. On Saturday 29th October, the cast were back in, meaning me and Hopwood were with Gary and the cast again in 44, trying to finish Act 2. We were able to complete the church, alley and wedding scene. However ‘driving in my car’, we finally had the video, so Gary started blocking that, whilst everyone else was in the dance studio cleaning dances. We didn’t finish ‘driving in my car’, meaning we had to wait until production week to do it.



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