Reflection Week 8

Monday 31st October, I had to get at college at 8:30 to start moving stuff away from the stage, because the cast will start doing stuff in this area, as well as because photos were getting taken today. The first thing i did was go around the edge of the proscenium arch ‘Camden High Street NW1’ with masking tape and then paint in-between with black paint. Then i straight away moved onto painting the edges of the arch  because it was needed to dry. While i was doing this the photos were getting taken from 10am, until they finished. We tried to do as many signs because we wanted the set to be in the photos, this also meant the cast had to keep changing into their costumes for specific scenes. Then after a wile the photos were finished and the photography went straight away to get the photos printed. Then after that i sat down with Leah and Lucy and started putting cues into the book, while Leah was programming the lighting. While we were doing this, the cast was going through scenes cutting them when the flats or signs changed, so the cast could practise with the flats moving around them because they are so much bigger and different to the ones we were using in rehearsals. At the end of the day, me, Leah and Lucy hadn’t completed the cues yet because there were so many to do.

Tuesday 1st November, firstly we had problems with moving the flats for the cast to go around it because in the morning all the flat boys were in english. This meant some crew, such as Leah and Lucy had to help out, until the boys returned. However Han had to stop that because Leah and I had to complete ‘the book’. As well as, she had to stop Hopwood because he had to do the sound but had trouble with the program on the laptop. Luckily enough Leah and I were able to finish Act 1 in the book, which held about 84 cues. We were only allowed a 15 minute break for lunch because we needed to get straight onto Act 2. Then luckily enough we completed Act 2 with a total of 140 cues for lighting. I still hadn’t completed the book though because I didn’t have the sound effect cues and that was because Hopwood hadn’t programmed them yet. During the day the band came in and all the band stuff was already set up for the musicians. We were able to do a clean up and then a dress rehearsal as well for the cast. But not with the lighting because it wasn’t all programmed at this time. We had to stay here until 9;15 to try to do as much as we can for the show that is starting tomorrow.

Wednesday 2nd November, we had to get here early again because we still had loads to do. Straight away we went through the sound effects and were they were needed to be cued. Because Han thought James couldn’t do the sound effects and the mixing, Lucy was how on the sound effects, meaning i was going to be stage manager by myself, which funnily went through a tech run meaning any cue that was in ‘the book’ we had to stop and go to it, so the cast were in the lights. This also meant that i was the one calling out all the cues, however only the lighting because the sound effects were not programmed yet. We were planning on doing another dress run before the show, however the cast thought the tech cue to cue was more beneficial than the run would be, so we just went through the rest of the cue to cue more gently, so we didn’t  use all energy up. Tonight was our first show, so at first i was nervous for the overture but all the rest i thought it was going to be fine because i knew the show really well. When going through it we noticed some things that needed work and some cues that needed to be moved around.

Thursday 3rd November, Today i was meant to have live sound with Andy, however they were getting ready for a gig meaning we had self-directed study all day. So Han asked us to make notes about what needs improving and what went wrong last night. There wasn’t really anything that went wrong with the cues, just at some points they needed to be earlier or later or on a beat. Most of the feedback was for the flats or the signs. At first not every sign was put on, making it look abnormal at some points. Throughout the day, we were just getting ready for the show tonight. Han arranged us to go into the theatre and practise the flat movement and the signs. This was from 2:30-4:30, allowing us to have an hour break for dinner. This was nice because over the last past days we were only given about 15 minute break through the whole day. We set everything up so it was easier to get ready for the show. And once again the show went smoothly, there was still some signs that didn’t go on but less few than last night. The cueing was better and i started to get the hang of the overture.

Friday 4th November, I started off with employability where i finished off my 5 year plan and then just watched some youtube afterwards, allowing myself to have a break. Then i had audition prep, where we went through skills of getting interviewed. Some questions that might be asked is what else do you do out of college and what was the last show you’ve seen. For these you may want to go into detail, so it seems you are prepared. After that we had theory with Lynn, where we tried to catch up with wordpress because we haven’t had any spare time during this week to do so. Then we had self-directed study where we had a break so we were chill and relaxed for the show tonight. Out of all the nights, tonight went the best from the cast and the crew. I feel like the cast started telling the story better, so quotes that came up later in the story which were said at the beginning, people watched on to. As well as the audience were more involved and seemed more humours. All the signs went on and all the flats moved in time, making it seem done by professionals.

Saturday 5th November, I feel like the cast and crew got to confident with tonights show because how good last nights was and instead of telling the story like no one knows it, seemed like it was down as in rehearsals. However we did have minor issues with the sound and illnesses. However i stilled carried on and got all the cues i needed to do on time. There was only one mix up, where i cued a sound effect before the cast were one, right at the beginning of Act 2. Ive learnt from this that i always need to be on the ball and try not to zone out. That was my problem, at the beginning of act 2 i zoned out for a little bit, not being totally concentrated. However the rest of the how went well for me and act 1 went well as well. So for me that was my only problem.


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