Reflection Week 11

Thursday 24th November, instead of having my sound lesson with Andy, year 1 prod arts went through our new brief with Han. This let us have self-direct study up until season rehearsals. During this time, because I was away for 2 weeks, i asked Tanya to help me catch up on Lilies. This is because Tanya and I are both the  lighting designers. This helped a bit, however i learn by looking and watching rather than speaking and listening. So Tanya kindly got my script and i looked through it briefly. Then Han got us spare sheets that include the introduction for the play. This allowed me to get an idea about the story behind Lilies. The good thing is about my first unit in the new brief is research, which will help me catch up. The girls also said they have been having little lessons with specific people, doing different accents and experimenting around with the characters. This lead to seasonal rehearsals where they were going through a song to start off with and then showing Erica what they have been doing. They also carried on blocking more of the play.

Friday 25th November, i started off with employability where i was catching up with the targets i had to do and all i need to do now is finish it all off before christmas, which will not be that hard considering i done a lot Friday. Then i had audition prep where we helped out the level 2s with a project they were doing, where we had to make a thunder sound, which worked out pretty good and it was interesting to find out how sounds you can make with your body, can make and symbolise different sounds. In theory lesson with Lynn, first Alex done his presentation were i learnt quite a bit about Natasha Katz. Then we learnt tips about interviews because it is normally different to ones in audition prep and the year 2 interviews were coming up soon. Some tips were; they are not the enemy, what does this seem to them, perform the role they sent, know that you have what they want, which means have what they want and walk in wanting that job or part on that course, by showing you have confidence. We went through some questions that may come up, that they may ask, such as; Why did you choose tech arts/prod arts, and this may lead to if i am choosing a specific role (DSM, LD) why did you choose that. Another question was what experience have you had so far, to show this some interviewers may ask you to bring a portfolio in and show in detail and explain some, most of the work you have done, where as others may say just bring one production in and explain in detail all about that production. Another question is what shows have you been to lately, you need to learn if the shows are professional or amateur and who specifically directed that show so if they ask that question you know it straight away. Also learn some actors who were in it. Note to self, if it is a professional performance, never say it is rubbish because most people have connections with people and know people. You can say it was disappointing and explain that point. Another question, name a show that something unexpected happened and i had to fix it. Other tips for interviews is by using right technical terms so it seems like you know what you are talking about. Also relax and act like the interview is like a conversation rather than a question and answer talk. Another question, where do you want to be in 5 years time, name a company if wanting to join one. Then after lunch i had self-directed study and seasonal rehearsals were cancelled because year 1 actors were doing street stories. So i went along and supported the year 1s and i have to say it went very well and it was very impressive how they didn’t let the man pipes in the background throw them off.



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