Reflection Week 12

Monday 28th November, So instead of having our production meeting in the morning, the year 1s went to go the theatre to go watch the level 2s production of the Tempest and create a lighting plan. We were only going to use warm and cold washes just to show the atmosphere, because it didn’t need to be that large. Instead of the year 2 music techs joining in our lighting lesson, the year 1s carried on with sorting out the lighting for the level 2s. We had to adjust and focus some of the lights so the area that they are performing is lit. This took longer than i thought, meaning it took the whole lighting lesson to do the lighting, and we still wasn’t able to focus one of the cold lights. We were slower in the second part to the lighting lesson because the year 2s were in our lesson talking about universities. It took awhile to start putting the floods up as well because we had trouble finding the same colours of blue, which slowed us down a lot. We had our production meeting at 2 instead, where i know that i need to do a lighting plan and sort the lights out. Instead of Lilies rehearsals Hopwood and i programmed the lights for the production which took nearly the whole 2 hours because we were learning while doing it. This helped me because i am the lighting designer for Lilies.

Tuesday 29th November, i had the day off because of the induction day and i didn’t have Lilies rehearsals.

Wednesday 30th November, i started off with directed study where i was doing research for Lilies that is part of my brief that is due on Friday. This carried on after my break as well because i had self-directed study but then after lunch i had practical with Han and year 2 prod arts where we were planning for the fashion show on Tuesday. I was lining out the stage for the models and so we know where the lighting is needed to be and where we can put the chairs around it too. I then had Lilies rehearsals where instead of being in Lilies, Jordan gave us a garage band lesson on how to download and cut music.

Thursday 1st December, i started off with live sound with year 1 music techs where we were doing compressions, which at first was hard for me because i hadn’t done it before, however Hopwood and other year 1 music techs helped me by telling me what everything did. We also did mixing but i didn’t mix on the front desk but i did on the backstage one, which i liked because if anything went wrong only the band would be able to hear it and the audience wouldn’t be able too. i then had self-directed study where i was carrying on with wordpress, then i had the big production meeting with everyone and i found out that the biggest thing between us is the lighting because they have a lot of specials. In Lilies, we went through the choreography and music and also went through blocking and adding the people who hadn’t been there into the scenes they have done.

Friday 2nd December, I started off with employability where i finished off all my targets and finished everything off. I then had audition prep where i got to see one year 1 monologue but also got to see interviews that Leah, Lucy and Jordan had. This was because they have auditions this week. I then had theory where we talked about what was the most scary bit about the interview. Walking in – blank out the negativity. Getting the answers wrong – practice, ask if you didn’t hear or didn’t understand the question, take your time to respond instead of rushing all the answer you are trying to say all in in about 30 seconds. Practice how to say things you want to say the way you want to say it. I then had self-directed study where i was starting off my next task but also looking into Lilies a bit more. In Lilies rehearsals they went through most of the songs and how to go into them from a scene.



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