Reflection Week 13

Monday 5th December, i started off with a production meeting with Leah and i said i needed to do a lighting plan. I knew what colours i am using: warm/cold wash and sunset colours. Then i had self-directed study where i started off with task 3 in my brief and went over my task 1 and 2 to add more to it. I then had lighting in the theatre that i normally would have with year 2 music techs, however they were not there and all production arts were in the theatre. Richard and I both did our work so it was just him and i that started ridging lights for the fashion show. This carried on for the whole day up until rehearsals. We went through everything that we had already gone over and made sure we still remember everything.

Tuesday 6th December, I started off with choir because we are performing next Thursday and i had missed at least 4 weeks of choir. However straight afterwards i went to the theatre and carried on ridging the rest of the lights that needed to be done. We had to go quicker though because we also needed to focus the lights as well as program and set up the chairs. After i finished the rest of the ridging that needed to be done, Tanya, Doug and Jake all did the focusing. When this was happening i started to collect chairs from E0.50 and E0.44 so it didn’t take so long. After we finished the focusing which took longer than we thought, we started to program and i started to collect chairs and place them out, so we can see how the lighting is. I didn’t go into rehearsals because Han needed help with chairs at 4:30 when the care takers came in with the chairs from the media rooms. We laid these out and also put tape down for an outline of a walkway.

Wednesday 7th December, i started off with going straight to the theatre and then start taking the chairs back from the theatre to the rooms they came from before 9:15 because that is when the lessons start. I then had directed study where Alex and i went to tweed and done our first lighting plan. We talked about it a little bit but we were going to talk about it more in tomorrows production meeting. I then had self-directed study were i carried on with my task 3 that is due on Friday and then had lunch. After lunch we had practical with Han were i had to put more on Task 1 because i didn’t answer the questions properly and i needed to put Harvard referencing on task 1 and 2 because Han didn’t know where i got my research from. I then had Lilies rehearsals where Lynn done some character building by story telling and then went through a few scenes and blocked more.

Thursday 8th December, Andy Guy and year 1 music techs had a gig to get ready so i had self-directed study where i carried on with task 3 so it will be on time for tomorrow. I had self-directed study all day where i just made sure i was up to date on my work on wordpress. In Lilies rehearsals we sang a few songs, went through what we had already done and block some more.

Friday 9th December, I started off with employability, where because i finished all my work, we did a christmas quiz and bauble competition as this was our last employability class before christmas. I then had audition prep, where we firstly discussed some interviews that people have had this week and how they went and the we went off in pairs with a year 1 actor and discussed on what they look like that they could pull off to play. I was paired with Tom where i thought he would generally be the prince in a princess story but as well as in any story he could be the good person but then the bad mental person because he has a rough side to him. We then had theory with Lynn where we learnt what Commedia  dell ‘arte is. A small summery is that it has stock characters (meaning specific characters that you already know ho they are). Some names of characters are Pierrot, Columbine and Harlequin. We listed some characters you would normally see in a pantomime: Goody (princess part), Hero (handsome young man), Villain, Side kick to any of them, Magical person, Dame, Father to princess and comedy double act. We also learnt what lazzi is, which is small comedy scene that doesn’t changed how the story ends or changes any of it. Then i had self-directed study, where we started getting stuff ready for improv in Edmunds. Then at 3, we started to set up in Edmunds bringing all the gear down we needed. Lilies rehearsals were not on so we stayed and did a few extra things with Edmunds and then went home early.



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