Reflection Week 14

Monday 12th December, We started off with going to Edmunds to collect all of the improve stuff up and take it back. So the lights, steel deck and the piano. After this we had our production meeting, which was mostly based around the fact Han wants the lighting to be more interesting because the play is all the same, so we are needing to look at other ideas to make the whole lighting more interesting and most properly will need to change the lighting plan. After this we didn’t have lighting lesson, instead we were catching up on work that needed to be done. For me I am up to date, so I was researching interesting patterns and ways to change the lighting for Lilies. This carried on up to rehearsals where we blocked more of Lilies and went over that what we did last week on Thursday so we can put the people who missed it in the bits they missed.

Tuesday 13th December, I started off with choir where we were going over everything because we are performing on Thursday and i went really well. I then had directed study, where i was doing my blogs so they are up to date. This carried on into self-directed study, where i was doing all my work so i am up to date and not having to catch up during christmas. After lunch we had practical with Han, where i went through my script to show lighting changes and then i was researching some lighting effects or patterns that we could use or somehow remake it. Han said after we have some more pictures and described them and place them to what scene we can use them in, then we will be having a meeting with Lynn and Erica. In Lilies rehearsals we were going through the song Lily’s on the Land and we were doing choreography for it.

Wednesday 14th December, I started off with directed study, where i did Task 4 so i didn’t have to do it over christmas and make sure I’m up to date on everything so i don’t have to do any work over Christmas. I then carried on in self-direct study to make sure i am up today with my blogs and work. Then in practical with the year 2s instead of doing wordpress and because it was before the holidays Han said for us to play around with the lights, this led to us making a chase and doing the mannequin challenge. In Lilies rehearsals we did a run through of Act 1, where i made notes in my script to where lighting can change also where people move into a different space so it will be lit. I also was trying out different lighting for every different character, however, there is a lot of changes so i was thinking more of the change in stories between the main 4 people.

Thursday 15th December, I started off with self-directed study, where i was trying my hardest to make sure all my work is up to date and finishing Task 4, meaning i will not have to do any work over the holidays. During my self-direct study session, we needed to pack the van up with the equipment we were going to take to Haughley Park. After this i was doing self-directed study until we got on bus. This is because only the boy year 2s went to go set up at the barn.When we got there we just needed to run through the whole set up and then when we did that, the techies went to car park control, where Jake and I were paired to direct the traffic in the middle bit. We were running late and people were already coming in so we had to run to the our spot. After this the performance started and only 3 of us techies were actually in the show for the choir, we had to wait till the last performance of the night for us to be in it. After this we had to clean up as fast as we could, because some of us were getting on the bus and we were running late anyway. However, the performers helped out to clean were we were sitting. And we all got on the bus and it ended as the show was really good.

Friday 16th December, Today we had the day off because it was teaching training day.


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