Reflection Week 15

Wednesday 4th January, Han wasn’t in today meaning during the whole day i had self-directed study up until season rehearsals. This only effected one lesson which was a practical with Han. In directed study in the morning, i was doing my blogs for the week before half term and making sure i have finished and they are all up to date. Then in self-directed study after break, i was looking at my task 4 and looking at my action plan to see if everything was there that i needed to do. After lunch i was meant to have practical, however to start off we cleaned up the equipment that was in the theatre from Haughley Park and put in all away in tweed that needed to be in there. Then after that we had a break before Lilies. In Lilies, because there was only 1 main girl out of the four there, they sang a little bit and then done character work. This was only for act 1 and still need to finish the characters off in act 1.

Thursday 5th January, The day started off with ex students coming in to talk about the drama school they go to. It was very interesting to see how similar college is to the drama school with the times we work. This chat was mainly for the performers, however they did somehow say something about the techies and how much work we actually do for the performers and how we need to think about all the stuff they are feeling when they normally get annoyed at us. Then we had live sound with Andy and the music techs where we were meant to have a live band come in, however we just was going through feedback. I then had self-directed study, where I was just on wordpress and then i had Lilies and we went through the whole of act 1 minus poppy which Lynn red in, to see how much people remembered after the holidays.

Friday 6th January, we got to come in later that day because we went to the abbey cinema to watch No Man’s Land, which surprised me. I didn’t know at all what it was about and it shocked me how the set changed the whole feeling of the play. It is only based in one room, where throughout the play there is always one person in that room and the cast only consists of 4 actors. The lighting was good because when the curtains opened it would get brighter and when the lamps went on it was more shadowy and the set altogether did create the atmosphere as closed up and trapped. After w finished watching that including the QnA at the ned, we went back to college for Lilies rehearsals, where Bent and Lilies came together to learn how to quick step. As there was more boys than girls I had to stand up and dance with one of the boys which was a very interesting experience because i used to know all different types of ballroom dancing and it just reminded me of how i use dot know it.


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