Reflection Week 16

Monday 9th January, In the morning we had our production meeting, which we talked about what we done so far and what we need to do. This led to me arranging a meeting with Lynn, Erica and Han for the lighting on Wednesday morning during directed study. I then had self-directed study where we were looking up the hay bails and how much stuff would be, I did this with Leah. After our break we had lighting with Han and normally the music techs, however because they have learnt the basics the don’t need to be in the lesson anymore. During this Han and i sat down to talk about my lighting plan and suggestions for lighting and how Lynn and Erica’s thoughts of lighting can just be basic than more interesting. Then when i finished that the ones who were not talking to Han, we were looking at and planning the lights for the cafe theatre for the film movie that the year 1s are doing. However after lunch, instead of carrying this on we were just playing around with the lights and making nice background colours on the cyc. I then had rehearsals, where we practiced singing most of the songs and the dancing that we did on Friday and try to link it in with the scene.

Tuesday 10th January, I started off with choir where we sang ‘rainbow connection’. I then had directed study, where i was doing my wordpress so it is up to date and then after the break we had an early lunch because we were going to watch Beauty and the beast panto. I really enjoyed watching it and it had so many times where they got the audience involved, by either making us shout stuff or even just running through the audience. Overall the panto was amazing and because Shane was on the spot light, it made me look at the spot light more and how good he actually was. The bit that made me laugh was when Belle’s Dad trying to get into the spotlight, however they keep moving it away before he gets in it. After we watched the panto we were able to have a tour around the stage, sound box and lighting box. They had about 112 lighting changes which is very little for a panto and it just reminded me of Our House because we had so many changes in that, around the same. Lewis who was doing the tour was telling us about how he does any job if someone is off ill, for example in the panto tonight he was the one on stage putting the ‘ice cream’ on people. He also told us to start practicing knots because it is so important. He went to Central for 2 years instead of 3 because of the amount of writing they were supposed to do, however he was still able to work at the theatre royal and help out with the panto. He made it seem very good as in the experience of doing a panto because its about 3 months of work and you have to be there all the time so after they have done the day, they go out and obviously try to like each other because how much time they spend together.


Wednesday 11th January, I was meant to have a meeting this morning with Lynn, Erica and Han, however Han had to talk to the person who was buying the stuff for Lilies because she wanted to make sure it was correct, so instead in directed study i was doing my blog for this week. I then had self-directed study where i carried on in my work and was able to catch up on my blogs. We met Han in tweed and we went off to bistro with Tanya to write some notes for the meeting i was going to have at 3 with Lynn and Han. Then at 3 i had the meeting and got all the information i needed to be able to draw a good lighting plan. I got some ideas and wrote down notes:



Bright difference
shadow effect
Floods and booms downstage making shadows on back
lights coming up on new characters (floods and booms) only slightly highlighter
No colour
Warm and golden
Blue and muddy
On steel deck- dark blue
Change in lighting between story and memory land
Memory-dream world (mystery)
Lot of different effects
Suddenly shifts in time
Mirror ball


Thursday 12th January,We didn’t have live sound lesson because the music techs were away on a trip. So i had self-directed all day, meaning i done my wordpress and done lighting towards Lilies. After this we had our production meeting with Bent people as well, and I was able to say that I have had my meeting with Lynn, so I could finally talk to Alex and Jordan about lighting because I had a final idea of what effect I wanted. In Lilies we were blocking more of Act 2.

Friday 13th January, I started off with employability where Neil took me out and had a chat with me about how things were going on and my main target is to do my work before it is due and do my blogs on the days I do it, instead of doing them all on Sunday night. Then when I went back into employability, we were doing quizzes about anything. I then had audition prep where we danced and then talked to people who have been to auditions lately. After this I had theory with Lynn where we learnt how to count music. We learnt 4 count and 3,4 and we danced to the waltz. Then we had Take 5, which is 5,4 which is a unusual way to count music. I then had self-directed study where I was doing my work in progress presentation. In rehearsals we were blocking act 2 still and we got half way through.


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