Reflection Week 17

Monday 16th January, I started off with warm up and then went to have my Lilies meeting, where we went over everything, also Han was watching and asking some questions as well so we included everything and overall was telling us some things about Bent and what they are doing with set because they and their meeting just before us. I then had self-directed study were I was looking at things for Lilies and doing other things to the lighting plans and talking to Alex and Jordan. After this we had lighting with Han where we were carrying on with a lighting plan Tanya and I was doing earlier. The boys came in to try out some lighting they wanted and needed some help, so we were helping them and this carried on until rehearsals. However before in lighting lesson, Alex came over to see our plan and we had a little talk about what I was planning, so it would be easier when we did the plan together next week. In rehearsals we were blocking act 2.

Tuesday 17th January, I didn’t have to come in today until 1:15pm for Lilies rehearsals and we were filming for the trailer for Lilies, this is because there was an induction day going on. I wasn’t really needed for the filming so I went into bistro and I was doing the cue sheet for Act 1, which I have nearly completed but only has some gabs in, which I will look at when we go through Act 1 again.

Wednesday 18th January, I started off with directed study were I was doing my blogs from last week and finishing off my presentation that will be presented tomorrow. This carried on until lunch because I did through self-directed study too. During practical with Han Tanya, Alex, Jordan and I had a meeting on lighting with Han there as well, to say what we wanted and what overall the jells and the most important things about the lighting plan was we were able to do another lighting plan that was really similar however was still a bit different. Then in rehearsals the cast tried costumes on to see if they fitted or not.

Thursday 19th January, I was in a bit later because I had and dentist appointment, however straight away I went to live sound lesson with Andy where we were put into specific places to work and put up. I was put on the splitting rack, which I learnt how to do and feel confident with doing that again. I then was put on stage for the line checking, which I felt comfortable with. Then after that we had a live band come in and we rotated to different areas, such as front of house, stage, lighting and monitors. With all of these I felt comfortable with all of them. Then we had to take it all down and pack it away. After lunch I had self-directed study where I needed to do my presentation, which I thought went very well for myself. This led throughout the whole of our session. In rehearsals we finished blocking act 2.

Friday 20th January, I started off with employability where we learning about taxes, which I thought was a good idea to learn about because I knew nothing about taxes and would feel much better leaving college knowing how to do them. I then had audition prep, where we learnt another dance and then listened to some monologues that people wanted to go through. I then had theory with Lynn where we learnt about verbatim theatre, which is ‘only uses words that people used’. Meaning it is based on things and events that have actually used and people have interviews people about it and he writer has only used the words that they have used, only edited it and maybe cut bits. Documentary theatre, ‘use real words and real books, however the play write has the power to put words into their mouths. Fiction means made up. We looked up London Road musical, which is verbatim theatre and creatively made it into a musical with words that the people have actually said. The play we were looking at is ‘Talking to Terrorists’ by Robin Soans. Some of the names were not shown because of identify and they are ex terrors. I then had self-directed study where Leah and I went into town and tried to look for straw and hay that can be used for the hay bails that were non-allergic, however we didn’t find any and brought some normal straw that we cannot use because of allergies. In rehearsals we went through act 1, where i thought of the lighting I wanted to use.


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