Reflection Week 18

Monday 23rd January, I started off with my meeting for Lilies where we went over everything we had done. I then had self-directed study where I was sitting with Alex and Jordan to work out our lighting plan that is the same. We were able to complete this and during my lighting lesson, we did the plan that had both Bent and Lilies on it. I was also trying out our shadow effect and what jel we wanted and we actually found one that looked really good. It could we used as a warm wash but I don’t think Alex wants to use that colour so I think we are just using ‘straw’. This carried on until rehearsals where I was doing the dungarees and unpicking the knee pad bits, so they looked better and less modern. We also need to rough them up more.

Tuesday 24th January, I started off with choir where we went over ‘Rainbow Connection’ and then started ‘Joyful, Joyful’. I then had directed-study where I was doing my blogs and catching up on my wordpress. This carried through self-directed study too because I was a little bit behind. I then had practical with Han, where we met in the theatre and Han said we were going to speak to the year 1 actors to talk about the tech side of their commission. We had to make notes because we were going to be doing the lighting and sound for this. We still need to talk to the dancers and MTs about it, before we can make a final idea and tell people if they can have what they want or not. In rehearsals we went through act 2 where I was able to put together the first draft of act 2 lighting cue sheet.

Wednesday 25th January, Nearly everyone was on a trip or not here, so for the whole of directed study I was doing all my blogs and my evaluation that is due in tomorrow, which I was able to complete everything. During practical we were planning the lighting for ‘Inspired  by Film’ project, but we finished early, so we were able to go home early. However i had still some spare time and i used the time to rough up the dungarees for Lilies.

Thursday 26th January, This morning we didn’t have live sound with Andy Guy so instead us year 1s were ridging lights for ‘Inspired by Film’, with Alex as our supervisor because Han wasn’t in today. We wanted to ridge them now, just in case they didn’t work and because it is only in a few weeks. After lunch we had self-directed study where i went to tweed and i was doing some wordpress and other lighting things towards Lilies, such as the cue lighting sheet on both acts. In rehearsals i went out to put the notes that i had made from the run through of Act 2 into my cue lighting sheet. All i need to do now is put in the missing lighting effects, and for Act 2 put where I’m wanting the cue to be.

Friday 27th January, This morning we had employability where we done an exercise of seeing  if we can work out taxes and see if we can live with the most important things, such as food, a house and travel. I found this difficult because of all the maths that we needed to do and the fact that this is what real life will be like. Then in audition prep we danced and then we helped year 1s with monologues. I went with Mia and she had 2 already she knew and now knows most of the one we were doing together. In theory today, we looked at scripts and we analysed everything about the script: who the character is, what they do, what they are like, how they are with other people. We looked deep into the just a paragraph of what they say and how much we can get from it. We looked over ‘Belonging’ by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and “Lunch in Venice’. We then see if we could put people who are in Con East now and cast them as one of the characters, not by hwat they are like now,but what they look like.



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