Reflection Week 19

Monday 30th January, to start off with we didn’t have a production meeting for Lilies because year 1s went through their commission work and because we are doing the lighting and sound for it, we sat in with them, timed them and see what the feel of their piece was. This carried on until lunch were we saw as much as we were able to. After lunch in our lighting lesson we worked out how long it was and done a first draft of the running order. In rehearsals we went through specific places where we needed to work around and then worked out what look and voice the men characters would be.

Tuesday 31st January, we started off with choir singing joyful joyful and then had directed study. Leah and i went to B&Q to look for glue for the hay bails, however, she didn’t have her ID and it said something about think 21, so we didn’t get anything. At 11:15 we went to the dance studio to have a talk to Helena and dancers to see what they wanted for the year 1s commission. Then in self-directed i was just catching up with wordpress. At 1 we went to the theatre to work with the media lot to help with the lighting. However to start off we got the flats we used for Our House and took the brick wallpaper and the wood off the back and we put frames on them. We helped putting the flats and some of the work up and was going to do the lights later. In rehearsals we went through the whole performance as best as we could, while doing this i was making notes about lighting changes.

Wednesday 1st February, I started off with directed study where i was carrying on with work and during this i went o go see the media institution because yesterday we only saw parts of it and not actually put together. At first i didn’t understand what it was because everything was so different but it showed how didn’t creative minds can all think different over one instruction and i think it was about noise. In practical we were talking about Inspired By Film and what jobs we had, i was given Stage Manager because it was in short notice and i have been SM for Our House. In rehearsals, Leah and I, wanted to see if the glue we brought would work, we didn’t have the hay at the moment but we wanted to see if it worked or not.

Thursday 2nd February, We didn’t have live sound class because music techs were doing a gig or cleaning up from one, so instead in our normal lesson we went to the theatre and helped the media people clean up the theatre, as we wanted it clear for us to start rigging and focusing the lights for inspired by film. In self-directed study, the year 2s were talking to Han about their essays, which in the end we didn’t have a meeting about Lilies and Bent. However i know where the lighting is at with us both and it is the same for the boys, all i need to do now is go through the programming cues because i need to make changed and put where they need to change for a note. Many people were not here in rehearsals, so they went through some songs and dances and then went off to learn lines. We also had time to see the hay bails and to see if they worked and they did and we thought they would be better when the hay is on the because more paste will be on them.

Friday 3rd February, I had to go to employability, which i had in the morning because we get marked on this to see if we can pass to the next year or not. Then after that we went straight to the theatre to start rigging and focusing the lights for inspired by film that is happening next Wednesday and Thursday, however we are starting teching on Monday and have full dress and tech run on Tuesday. This carried on for the whole day, this included me and Leah going to Wilkos to buy some black paint to paint over set that we didn’t have anywhere else to put. We also had to clear the whole theatre, taking everything to tweed or putting away for a while until we come back after half term to sort out.


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