Reflection Week 20

Monday 6th February, On Friday i put a post out asking people to print out their scripts and lyrics so i could start compiling the book. This was my job that i was given straight away. We had a list of things to do before the tech tomorrow, that included getting tables in and seating and getting the sound desk, getting everyones music that we needed by Friday and getting the lighting programmed. Some people were easy and printed stuff off for me and some others forgot, however some i wrote up so i would understand, some i photocopied and some i just didn’t to print out. Luckily Erica had all the level 2 scripts, because these were the longest performances and i started getting them in order. The only one i didn’t have was rainbow connection solo form Dylan but i knew what bit he sung and how long he sang so that was fine. Because on some performances they were dancing or silent movies scenes, i had to put scripted paper into the book so i could write the cues on them so i don’t forget any. We didn’t have rehearsals because we were finishing off.

Tuesday 7th February, We were starting tech at 11:30 because of English people, so we were getting everything ready. This was going to be tough because we haven’t seen all of these, meaning there was going to be a lot of editing with lights and probably sound as well. When we were going through this i had to write down the cues and cue at he same time, trying to get all the information as fast as we could because we were trying to finish. This carried on for the whole day, we only had one lunch break and carried on until 5, still not being able to finish teching everyones piece. I realised i didn’t have shaun of the dead script, because we hadn’t seen it, plus no one told me what actually happened with it, from what i knew it was just an acting piece with 2 lines. We didn’t have rehearsals because we were still teching.

Wednesday 8th February, We were starting the proper dress and tech run at 11:30 because of maths people. However some people who were mot in maths like dances were in the theatre practicing, while we were making changes before the tech run and moving everything upstairs and everything out of the way. We started off finishing going through who we missed yesterday and then going straight into the dress and tech. There was a problem that occurred yesterday, where we didn’t have the box that powered the cans, so i wasn’t able to sit where id normally sit and have to be in the lighting box and with Jake cueing him from there and then cueing Doug from a mic. The dress and tech didn’t go to bad, i just had to remember i was doing projections, so remembering to turn them off and on when needed and to remember to have the sound for inside out and then straight after, turn the sound off for batman because the audio was still on it. Then the first night came and the cueing went really well, the only problems we had was communication problems with Jake and I, because sometimes he thought i went go without saying it. Also from the lighting box it was hard for me to see and hard to cue because i didn’t have the great vision so i had to keep moving around. We obviously didn’t have rehearsals today because we were too busy.

Thursday 9th February, We all met in the theatre to register and then we went to live sound where we did pyrotechnics. For the first half of the lessons we had to learn the health and safety behind pyros, if not we were not bale to do them. We saw some amazing clips of pyros going off and learnt different types. We then got into groups were we were given 6 pyros to put off. There was a lot of smoke however it was a good experience and was probably our last live sound lesson because of all the gigs coming up and all the events including plays and musicals coming up for us. In self-directed lesson we didn’t have a meeting because the year 2s were doing their essays, so instead i went and relaxed and got food so i didn’t have to rush around later. We didn’t have rehearsals again because that was our given time for food and because our call time was 5:30. At 5:30, we all met in the theatre, going through changes that needed to be done tonight. There was only a few that wanted to be changed for cues, such as when Dylan walks on for his solo cue the music when he sits down. Then with James Bond and Q start the music and put projection on and then wait till Brayden comes on to out the lights up. Han just wanted to make a few changed as well to the lighting and then www were ready for the night. The cues went so well and everything was on cue. There was only one problem that i didn’t know was for Million Dollar Baby, they had changed the dancing so my cue was still the same even though things happened after that, however i talked to Han in the interval and apparently it didn’t look bad. Other than that it went really well for me. For SM, i feel more confident on being one because i now know how to do the job and i can easily be able to do it if needed to be. We had to stay later at the night because we didn’t to clear up because there was a lecture happening in the morning. So the year 1 actors put the tables and chairs away, and we had to put all the sound stuff away including things be borrowed from BEN and we finished about 10:30.

Friday 10th February, Many people were off today, because of being in London, RAF stuff and people being ill or injured from last night. However straight away i went to the theatre  to start putting stuff done for the lecture and then we had resignation. I started off with employability where we were just finishing all the work for budgeting, which was a real disappointment to learn about, however helped a lot. We then had audition prep where we were learning all the local companies and all local theatres. Theatre Royal ran by Karen Simpson, New Wolsey which is in Ipswich ran by a husband and wife: Pete Rowe and Sarah Holmes. Companies: Gecko, Eastern Angles which is directed by Ivin Cuttings, Red Rose Chain which works with the people in the community. We looked at theatres: The Globe which is ran by Emma Rice but not for long, The National theatre that has three parts to it and the director of that is Rufus Norris. After that we had theory with Lynn where she let the year 2s go and do work or just relax because of their essays and then we just had a chat about Inspired by Film and what we felt of it. We then had self-directed study where we relaxed and then rehearsals were not on because many people were not there so we went home early.



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