Reflection Week 21

Monday 20th February, I started off with self-directed study where i went to tweed, during this Han came in and gave us Bonnie and Clyde scripts to make sure there wasn’t ant pencil marks and to start photo coping them. In our lighting lesson we were going through everything with the charity gig happening on Thursday. Later Emily joined us an asked and told us everything she needed, so we could start getting ready for it. At lunch the rest of the charity people came and we talked over that was happening this week and what needed to be down and if anyone needed anything else, props wise. In our lesson after lunch we went through everything, looking at everything they have given us and started working on the lights. Not a lot had to change because it was cafe theatre style too like inspired by film, so we just changed jels and moved things around for a better wash considering there wasn’t any specials. In rehearsals we went through the whole of Act 2 without the script and i was able to make a cue list of Act 2, i just need to go through Act 1 again because i have gaps for some lighting cues.

Tuesday 21st February, We started off with choir and then i went straight to the theatre and finished off the lighting design fro the charity gig, we also started programming, putting the sound stuff out, getting all the music in Qlab and getting the book together. Emily had already converted all the music and already wrote up all the lyrics so we just needed to print things off and put things in place. We all helped with the sound, putting it out because of Jordan’s arm, he just told us where everything went. We arranged who was helping out and what jobs they were doing before Han got back from the TIE group. For the rest of the day we just carried on with everything trying to finish it off, this continued through rehearsals but we were able to finish before 5, making it all good for tomorrow morning.

Wednesday 22nd February, In the morning, we had a tech run of the charity gig, however we weren’t able to watch everything due to TIE and maths. However we arranged to see what we didn’t see later in rehearsals. After this we had to clean up the theatre, because of the robotic conference that was happening in there. However during this time, Lilies went off to plan the steel deck and piano and everything else that needed to be sorted. We planned what we wanted to do with the steel deck, we just have to find wood that we are able to use because i don’t think we have any. Also with the piano. We have to see if our idea will work or if it will look crap. I checked with Han if we were still able to have the mirror ball and we are. Then after that because we still had time because the conference people were late, we came up with an idea for what the projections will be projected on. We are going to use 3 big signs from Our House and paint them white and hang them from the lighting ridge. For Lilies this is going to stay up for the whole show, however for Bent the boys are going to have to get it down during the Interval. After the conference was over, we moved the sound desk and everything in its place ready fro the tech in the morning.

Thursday 23rd February, In the morning Andy Guy came in and gave both years a lesson on the sound desk because in live sound class we learn on their desks which is completely different to ours. SO Andy spoke through everything on the desk and showed us what or the ideal compression etc people should be. Then after lunch we did a dress of the charity gig considering it was going on later tonight. I wasn’t helping out with the show, however i was going to support them. Everything went really well and i liked how i was able to watch it all without worrying about the tech side. It was a very nice night and was a great way to raise money.

Friday 24th February, Today, I went straight to the theatre and started cleaning up, but then went to registration. I had to go ask John if it was ok to be excused from employability to start the lighting for Lilies. I was up to date, so i was able to leave. Alex and I made a plan to start rigging what lights and what lights can stay where they are. Alex and I took it in turns to rig lights because how much we needed to change and just for the other person to rest. We did this for the whole day, even during rehearsals and we were able to finish rigging all the lights which we both were impressed with.

Saturday 25th February, I had to come in today to carry on with the lights fro  9-1. Alex and I started to focus the lights and out the right jels in. We had made some changes due to not having the right jels come yet or lamps blowing, so we focused everything we could. If there is anything we can add we will do this during the week. However Alex and I focused everything and it is starting to look good, the next thing that needs to be done is programming.


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