Reflection Week 22

Monday 27th February, This week is pre production week so we had to get started on everything. Alex and I thought we had finished lighting, however we didn’t leave enough channels for our booms. Alex was using 4 floods at the back to light up the fence and then I was using 4 Parcans from the sides to light up the stage more and give it a different effect. For example when Mr Bainbridge walks in, the cool wash from the booms lights on him to make him look more figure. Then I also had 3 floods on the floor, to light everyone on stage as a silhouette for when the broadcasts come on. Alex came up with an idea to more different lights to different channels to benefit us better. This is because we couldn’t find many extension leads so we had to use what we had. In the end we were able to attach everything with everything looking fine and working properly. This was a good chance to show problem solving, especially because Alex has many specials for Bent and I still needed a full warm wash around the whole stage including cool wash as well. Alex and I finished off the lighting and then he started programming Bent and finished meaning at 4 Leah and I sat down and started programming, however only done a little bit because only had an hour. During the day the boys started with the fence while Leah and I went out to buy paint and glue to start the hay bails. After we got back we started off with the hay bails and while letting these dry we went and got the steel deck out and got it sorted out and painted it. This carried on for the whole day, just trying to sort out everything as much as we could.

Tuesday 28th February, Today I started off programming for Lilies and it lasted for the whole day. I haven’t programme a whole play to myself before, however I did programme the lights for the Tempest that the level 2s done. This was only a basic lighting design because it was either warm or cool wash. I had Leah next to me telling me what all the buttons do and I now remember what all they do and how to program. For example I know how to insert more cues and how to change from fade to snap and how to put a down fade on as well. I also know how to edit different cues and delete them. The next time I do lighting I can be confident when doing it. The only thing I haven’t learnt is a chase but I will learn that in Bonnie and Clyde since it is a musical. I was able to finish programming by the end of the day and we just carried on with the set, such as the steel deck and the material that went around it. As well as Han got went and got the mirror ball from the theatre royal in the morning, which we ridged into the lighting.

Wednesday 1st March, In the morning, most of the boys had Maths so Han, Alex, Hopwood and i carried on with fence building. This was because it needed to be done and at this specific moment i had done most of Lilies and there was anything that i needed to do. I was holding the wire and making sure it is straight and we found a hack to make it more straight which made it look better. So we were doing this with the ladder and the taller scope because it was getting to high and then we started the barb wire. I also helped out with this because i had eye protection and gloves on to help. I was unraveling the wire and passing it up, so Han or Alex could staple the wire in. This was a bit difficult because the wire kept getting stuck in clothing and my skin. This took quite a long time, however i was able to do the steel deck more. By this i mean the material we are using around the steel deck i had to cut it down so the cast were able to sit on the sides with their legs dangling. We used velcro to attach the material onto the steel deck but we also had to use cable tires.  There was some adjustments we had to make with the lighting such as refocus and also Alex needed to add some more cues and the same as me, with the silhouette effect. We had to make sure we had everything done because it is Lilies dress and tech tomorrow, so we didn’t want to be going round panicking in the morning.

Thursday 2nd March, Today was Lilies tech and first dress run and we started at 11 because we needed to try and sort everything out in the morning and also the cast were getting ready. Our tech run was very smooth, cue to cue, and was just making sure everyone was in their light and the lights suited the change. Also we went through any problems that would appear with props or moving for the piano. Then we had the dress run later on that day after lunch. We were still sitting at the front and not actually in the LX box but it was still the same with Leah cueing me. All the lights went right and worked with the feeling of the play and suited the whole play. After we done this, it was at the end of the day, so we just sorted everything out by turning everything off and we were going to clear everything away for Bent tomorrow.

Friday 3rd March, Today was Bents tech and first tech and in the morning i had a doctors appointment and got into college at 12. At this point i went to Bent and they just finished their tech run and Leah was doing blood for Bent. They didn’t do anything with blood or pyros but i did watch their dress run because we didn’t need to do anything for Lilies. When Bent did their dress run, I watched the Bent run for the first time, except during Act 1, Leah and I went to B&Q to see if they had any spray nozzles for the blood to spread out more when we push on the blood pack. This is to make the effect that it was cutting of the throat not just dribbling down his body.


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