Reflection Week 23

Monday 6th March, Today was Bents second dress and opening night. Gary said on Friday he was going to try out the blood and pyros today. Leah and I tested out the blood to see how it looked, while Bent went through some more scenes. Leah also brought some squeeze bottles in to try on Ryan for when he needs to spit out blood. We did have blood capsules but they were not as effective. Leah and I tried out the blood, squeezing it in my mouth and then dribbling out to see how effective it would look. Gary decided not to use the blood pack for Dylan because of the hassle it was causing, however he changed the train scene around a little bit so Karolis could put blood into Ryan’s mouth. After they tried the pyros they did their second dress run, which I saw all the way through this time and it was a very strong story to tell and I thought the boys told it really well. However I thought their dress on Friday went much better than todays. They then had their opening night which apparently went really well, as I was seeing it on Wednesday not today.

Tuesday 7th March, Today was Lilies second dress and opening night. Their call in wasn’t until 11:30, which meant before hand we needed to change the set from Bent to Lilies and make sure all my lighting cues hadn’t changed because last night some of Alex’s cues changed to blackouts. However, only one of my cues changed which benefitted me because only one changed. Our dress run didn’t start until 2, until then we just went through some songs and some bits Erica and Lynn wanted to go over. At 2 the hairdressers were meant to come in to watch so we were waiting for them, but instead we just started which was a good thing because the hairdressers didn’t come in till Act 2. Then at 2 we started our dress run which we were hoping to finish at 4 but it went over to 4:30, which then we went to dinner. The dress run went very well and it allowed Lucy to have a proper all the way through run with sound, Tanya with the projections and then me with lights. It allowed Leah to know when the cues fitted well, so when someone said a line or if it was a visual. After the dress we had to just go over a few things, such as a dark spot that Faye and Emily both found and we agreed it must have been someone knocking into it or something like that because they were focused on Thursday when we did our dress. We also was testing out and playing around with the fading to see if the warm to cool wash could look more subtle. We figured out the fade down time had to be longer than the fade up, making it not leave a black bit in the middle of the change. Our call time back was 6, so we had enough time to go out and get dinner. When we got back we just went over everything making sure everything was working and then we just waited until the house opened. Overall the night went really well and nothing tech wise went wrong. The audience laughed a lot because the whole Bent cast was there, which the girls might have not realize it some places they would laugh, meaning in the some places the girls were talking under the people laughing making us loose what they were saying. When Leah was cueing me, she at some points kept saying that was meant to be a visual, so during the show she kept making notes about what was what. However, even though she wanted them a bit later it still looked good. For the lights everyone stood in them, except one moment when Sian wasn’t fully in her death light so Lucy was waving her hand in the air, suggesting she moves and subtly Sian did so. Also there was a moment at the end where the bows were not on long enough but that was due to the cast starting to leave, however that was fixed by putting more bows in.

Wednesday 8th March, This morning, we went to directed study and then at 11:30 we went to the theatre and changed the set from Lilies to Bent which lasted up to lunch. Then we had self-directed study after that for the rest of the day until it was the end of the day. We had notes that we went to but the techs only had one note and that was the arrow being on the projection, which someone must of accidentally knocked. I was watching Bent tonight, even though i had already seen due to the dress runs. Tonight was the best they have ever done because the characters really interacted with one another, making it a more power story to tell.

Thursday 9th March, Today we started off with self-directed study but then we went to a lesson with Han that she would normally have with the Level 2s and we were doing wordpress and catching up and if we needed to ask any questions about anything we had Han there. Then after we changed the set over from Bent to Lilies and then we just done WordPress. We went back on normal lessons, however, we do not have a lesson with Andy anymore with the music techs, so it was a self-directed study. This time was spent catching up on my daily blogs because of the production I fell behind. We the read through the script of Bonnie and Clyde because the auditions for it were on Monday, and I felt quite confident with reading out loud, the only problem is that i cannot pronounce words properly. Later we were making changes to Lilies. For example, I had to change a lighting cue for Lilies because we lost it on Tuesday before the show and the cue we replaced it with what wasn’t the the cue we used before and it didn’t fit in. So we changed it to a full warm wash. Overall the day was spent getting ready for Lilies and coursework. The show went really well, once again which was surprising because normally something really bad with tech goes bad. The only thing that was noticeable for us was there was a delay with a sound effect, which was the gun sound effect and because there is a snap lighting change we needed them together but then it was about two seconds later, which for us felt like ages but in the audience no one noticed. So we looked at that in the interval to see if any other sound effects were delayed. As well as because on Tuesday Sian couldn’t find her light for Annie’s death, we marked it out so she knew where to stand and we tried to line up the light for the foremen scene, however, we didn’t figure out that Sian was in the way of the boom, so we suggested that she moved slightly on Saturday night.

Friday 10th March, We started off with employability where I was only there for half of it because then I had a one to one with Neil which I really liked because then I was able to see the process in my work and especially attendance. That is the one thing I am worried about the most is that I won’t get into next year because of my attendance and this is because of my holiday I had. However, I didn’t get behind on anything because I made sure I was up to date on my assignments before I left. The only thing I missed out on was the read through of Lilies. Then instead of audition prep we changed the set from Lilies to Bent for the last time and when Bent finishes tonight, they had to clear away the rocks and flags because we didn’t want to do this on Saturday. Our theory lesson with Lynn was based around Bonnie and Clyde because we red through the script yesterday. We researched into Bonnie and Clyde and looked at the set and how to make it especially with a budget. We also came up with some ideas to direct the show because Gary hasn’t done it before. Most people were on the move it trip so we got to leave early because there was no seasons.




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