Reflection Week 24

Monday 13th March, Today we had to clean out the whole theatre from both of the sets, however we didn’t need to take out the steel deck out because the music techs were having a gig in there on Thursday. This lasted nearly the whole day because we had to be done and have the theatre clear for the auditions. However, we had to make a lighting plan and change the lighting plan for Thursday, however, in the end we actually don’t need to do anything for the music techs for lighting because they are doing all of it themselves. In auditions, we were also casting it not just Gary, Han and Paul.

Tuesday 14th March, Started off with choir that went really well and I learnt what I missed out on last week. I then had self-directed study where I was doing my daily blogs. Then at 11:15 Han, Leah, Helena, Tanya and I went to Bs house to looks at costume and we got back for about 12:50 and the costumes we saw there could really be useful at college especially for the dancers. After lunch we went to the theatre and we started our evaluations or carried them on. We also found out what our jobs were for Bonnie and Clyde and I am doing props and set. After this auditions carried on and we had changed the thought on who would be who and casting for this was really hard.

Wednesday 15th March, We started off with self-directed study where i was carrying on with evaluation making sure it was nearly completed for Friday. I done this because I had spare time and this was one of my main priories that I needed to do. However, I know I could have done a load more but I did get distracted a lot. We had self-direct study for the rest of the day and just doing my evaluation. We then had Bonnie and Clyde seasons where it was the first time the company was there and we narrowed down the casting.

Thursday 16th March, I started off in tweed doing my evaluation, hoping to finish it by tomorrow. I had already done the minimum words by today, i just needed to finish it off. We had no lessons today at all, so i was just doing my evaluation and then I had an appointment so i didn’t end up going to Bonnie and Clyde seasons.

Friday 17th March, Today we started with employability and we were doing presentations on mental health, however I didn’t know about this because of my one to one with Neil, I didn’t know about it until Thursday afternoon. However, I thought i done really well and i think everyone done really well. I then had audition prep where we done a little warm up and then paired up with year 1 actors and some year 2 actors. The year 1 actors were practicing for auditions for when they first walk in. After this instead of having our lesson with Lynn we went and watched the showcase, which was really good and shocking how they done all of this by themselves. Then we had self-directed study where I was doing my wordpress and catching up so i was ready for the next brief on Bonnie and Clyde.



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