Reflection Week 25

Monday 20th March, Today I went straight to the theatre and was told the plan of the day was to help set up the music gig happening on Thursday. First thing first the music techs had to clean up all the wiring before we could move any of the steel deck, so we cleaned up from the improv on Friday night in Edmunds. Then when we got back, under LX was really messy, so mainly Jake and I started cleaning everything up from under there which made a huge difference because and especially helped with the whole health and safety. Then Doug, James and I took out all of the steel deck not needed and put it back in the shed and then moved the staging around so we could rig the lights. Last week Lucy, Leah and I made a lighting plan for this gig but in the end we didn’t have to do it, however then we were doing it this week instead. We based the lighting plan around the one we made last week, however it did change quite a lot. All the colours change because they didn’t want it all different bright colours. However in the end we nearly finished all the lighting and only now had to do the stage and the flats we had to put back together. We were going to use the flats we used in Our House, however instead we were going to re put together the signs we used in Act 1 for Bent. Instead of being in the read through for Bonnie and Clyde, I was still in the theatre trying to do as much as we could for the gig on Thursday. We were going to carry on everything else that we could help with tomorrow.

Tuesday 21st March, This morning we had choir with Han because Paul wasn’t here this morning. Then I went straight to the theatre afterwards and carried on with what we were doing yesterday. James and I carried on with the signs we were putting up instead of the flats, however there was still 2 fresnels to put up to light the singers. So i took over this, however there wasn’t any channels free near the place I wanted the lantern, so i had to grelco two of the blue gel fresnels and two of the pink gel fresnels, to allow two channels free for the two fresnels that will light up the singers. We then had to do the front lighting and all the lights that were needed to do done was completed. The signs were completed and then we only needed to clean up everything so the music techs could set everything up. We then went through our briefs for Bonnie and Clyde and realised how much work is needed for it, we also went through the grading and i feel if i really try my hardest, it is possible to get a distinction but I’m looking for a merit or higher. I want to do the work early, so someone can look through it, so i can improve it before the deadline. We then had  seasons rehearsals, where James and I went through the props list, however we were being to loud so James, Leah and I all went to Tweed to talk about set. We did video this and it was 50 minutes long. What we did was go through every location and make a plan on what will be needed for the set. This was quite hard because we know Gary wants levels, however we don’t know what the levels will be like or how many different levels there will be. We had one big idea which was to use a desk, which was used for a bar scene before and just re use it as different things, for example the American Cafe, general store, the bank and the sheriffs office. We will change it by different details, however we will need all of these locations on the same side of the stage because we would have to keep it in the wings.

Wednesday 22nd March, Today I started off with directed study, which gave me enough time to start doing my blogs because the realisations that we get marked on what we right in them and how detailed they are shocked me. I always started looking deeper into Bonnie and Clyde and going over the props. The whole day was self-directed study because the year 2s had presentations coming up and us the year 1s just got given our briefs. Leah and I went to Bistro and sat in the corner and started doing work. I thought i done pretty well in the time I had, which was about an hour and a half i was able to make a solid start to Task 1- bullet point 1. During going through and starting the work, it had shocked me on how much work i would actually need to do. The one thing i need to do is get a range of resources, so i can aim for the highest i want to achieve. In season rehearsals, it was the first day of calling in only the people needed in scene 1-3 which shows how many people are actually involved in Bonnie and Clyde.

Thursday 23rd March, I wasn’t in this morning due to an appointment but when i got back i had self-direct study up until seasons. During my self-directed study i was doing research, including watching a past production of Bonnie and Clyde which was on YouTube. Through a lot of all the pictures or productions I’ve seen of Bonnie and Clyde, they all do have levels, which we are using as well. This is because it is so easy to change the set, because there are so many different locations in so little time. At 2:15, Han came in  to go over the idea that Gary had for set but didn’t give us his drawing, because part of what we are getting assessed on, is coming up with ideas for set, which we have already from yesterdays discussion. All Han told us was the different levels and where they were and we are going to be coming up with the rest i assumed. In seasons we went through the blocking we started yesterday and we were hoping to go through scene 4-5 as well. We went through scene 1-3 and cleaned it up and started and finished blocking scene 4 as well, which means we didn’t get up to scene 5. Then we were hoping to do it tomorrow but Amado were practicing so the rest of the company were going over the song they started the other day.

Friday 24th March, I started off with employability where we started looking at discrimination and what it is, then we had a quiz and I thought I done pretty well in it with 80%. Then instead if audition prep, Tweed really needed to be cleaned up because the boys took apart the wood and just put it near the table, making it take up so much room and difficult to get to places. After this we had theory with Lynn where we sat through all the year 2s presentations on Saints and Sinners and their ideas for it. All the presentations were really well and if i didn’t know anything about what was going on, from the presentations i would get an idea on what they have to do. I had already talked to some of the year 2s to see what their ideas were. From when i spoke to them, to the presentations i could see how much more their thought into the ideas and how much their developed them. After lunch we had self-directed study, where i was getting on with Task 1 for my final project and was thinking of ideas to use. For example, i am going to print out pictures of as many people as i can find and analyse the pictures with characteristics, looks and any facts about them, that you may not see in the picture: a limp. At 3, instead of going to seasons, we had to set up Edmunds for Amado. This involved 6 big steel decks and 1 small one, which is a little bit larger than what we normally use in Edmunds. However, when we finished this we went back to seasons for a little while because they were finishing at 4 and then Paul took 1 to 1s for bits if their singing.



One thought on “Reflection Week 25”

  1. You reflect well here Zoe, remember to keep backing up your points with examples and really analysing, rather than just describing what you are doing.


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