Reflection Week 26

Monday 27th March, This morning we had to go straight to Edmunds to take everything away that we used for Amado on Friday night. We had to do this when we got straight to college because there was an event going on in Edmunds around 9:30. We were going to have a production meeting this morning but didn’t end up having it because Lucy wasn’t all to get in this morning, so we had self-directed study were we carried on with our work for our FMPs. In our lighting lesson with Han she asked us to start changing the lights for the HE music gig coming up. This gave me another good experience with doing a lighting plan, but I also wanted other people to have a go because I had just done all the lighting for Lilies on the Land. However, I feel like I should have sat down with Tanya more to help her because this was her first lighting plan and because we had to keep changing the rig, she didn’t keep updating the plan so when we had to look at it, it didn’t have all the lanterns and all of the correct lanterns in the right place. We were able to finish all the lighting except, I think the lighting for the front bar had maced or not focused but we didn’t have enough time to go over it. In season rehearsals, we carried on blocking and we got quite far. We kept getting requests from Gary to what he wanted for props wise.

Tuesday 28th March, Today was an audition day where i helped out but before that we had a production meeting on what we have done so far. When I was helping out with the audition day, James and Leah were looking at the pallets of wood to see if any colours looked good going through them from lanterns, they were also looking at the layout on staging and different levels, with what we have been told by Gary.

Wednesday 29th March, Today i went to the theatre and started to get steel deck from the shed to get ready for the Higher Education Music Gig going on. There was only James and I for the year 1s because everyone else were in Maths. However we did have some year 2s to help at the beginning, which included putting steel deck up, which we had a plan for and then getting the lighting desk down from the LX box. Eventually the year 1s were back and we started looking at the lighting plan and started programming them. We couldn’t properly programme like we had wanted too because the HE students were setting up their equipment. Instead of usual programming, we were doing faders instead, which I didn’t know how to do. So there was Jake, Tanya and I on the desk rotating around so we all got a go at programming. While Doug and James were doing a mic plan for Act 1 for Bonnie and Clyde. However, because this was Tanya’s lighting plan and she didn’t know how to do one properly, the plan wasn’t easy to read. So we had to go round all the lights to see what colours were in what lantern and I had to re do the lighting plan but with Tanya next to me, so I was able to show her how to do it properly. We were able to do this quickly because Jake would go round looking at the gels and I would be saying the circuit number for that lantern. Then Tanya would put the numbers into the lighting desk and I would be programming the lights in and then changing to the next fader. We were able to do most of the programming before we went off for lunch. Then when we came back Alex and I got back earlier and were easily able to put the last ones in about 10 minutes. I wanted to do this with Alex because he was the one programming it for the night and I wanted to see what suited him best. However when we were programming the floods in that were on the cyc, they were not focused properly, so Han asked me to focus them quickly. It was a bit difficult because the students were doing a practice and there were loads of leads everywhere. Also we could not focus them properly because all the working lights were on because they needed to see. However when they went for their break we were finally able to see how the focusing came out. It did come out so they were focused. After this was seasons which was in the shed and were still blocking parts an we got a lot done.

Thursday 30th March, I started off with going straight to the theatre and detaching all the steel deck from each other, so we are able to put steel deck in the areas we wanted the steel deck for Bonnie and Clyde. This is based on the plan that was made on Tuesday while i was doing audition day. However, I did join in half way through to get an idea on what they were doing for set and what their idea is for what size everything was going to be. We started off laying the steel deck down for the band and the first problem came up. The problem was that it was to long, meaning we wouldn’t have been able to attached the treads on the side of the drums, meaning he would have no way down. Also this is a very big safety and heath problem because the steel deck would be quite high. We went over many ideas until we were able to get a good idea and hopefully it will work. Han came up with the idea that the band are different heights, Paul being at 4 feet, everyone else at 5 feet because the car is going to be roughly 4 foot 5 inches and will need to fit underneath the steel deck, so it can be pulled and pushed forward and back from under the steel deck to come on, in the scenes that are needed that. Then the drummer being at 6 feet because it will just look better. This leads to the steel deck being less length wise but being deeper into the stage. The treads are going to be different or different sizes because the safety. The higher the steel deck, the more the treads will come out. So a way to go around this is attaching the steel deck for the performers to the tell deck for the musicians will mean the performers have more room and it will be easier for the musicians to get on and off.


We then had to work out the about of money that we got from Lilies on the Land. We were able to get through them really well, however we noticed not just one mistake but many and this was the same with the boys. We didn’t really want to disrupt Hannah because she was helping out year 1s for their commissions work. However, we had to because the mistakes had a bit of range in them. So we ended up remember the deal where if they watch them both and book them together they get a discount. This wasn’t included in the work that we were working out. We ended up giving the work we had worked out to Han because she had to ask Marketing how many people bought this deal. We then had some spare time, so some people went off to see if they could find any areas around the college if there were any spare pallets laying around and luckily enough they found quite a few. There was around 10 counting the ones we already had at the beginning with the ones estate gave us as well. While people were doing this, Alex and I started putting the steel deck to the sides because we didn’t have enough time to put it all back in the shed. This meant placing them on top of each other in the wings because Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals were going to take place in the theatre. In season rehearsals for Bonnie and Clyde we ran through what we blocked yesterday with Blanches apartment and into the whole companies song “Gods Arms Are Always Open”. We had different plans because normally we wouldn’t have the full company in today, however Beth who is playing Bonnie was ill today and we couldn’t really block or do the plans we wanted to do without her, so this was a last situation.


Friday 31st March, Instead of having employability, we ended up not having it because it would have been just year 1 production arts. This is because of the year 1s had their commission work presentations. So instead I ended up trying to get as much work towards my FMP as possible because I knew in the holidays I was busy doing other things. So we didn’t end up having audition prep today because the year 2s needed a time to talk over their FMP work, and this was an ideal time to look at everything because the production art students needed to get updated on all of the ideas and go through the ideas that they had for set for the overall look. They had been looking at this in the morning and got a plan together so they could explain it easier towards the other year 2s. In this mean time I was able to add to my research for Task 1 in my FMP, however Task 1 Section 1 is the research part which I don’t feel really comfortable with. I felt comfortable with the other sections, however I think I need help with this part and maybe sat down and told what the question is actually asking from me. After this we had our usual theory lesson with Lynn, where went over what we need to include in our reflective journals. I am up to date on my journals, however i know they are not as good as they could be. We went through our older journals and red some out and see what we could improve on. My one was from about week 16 and I thought i explained what i was doing very well, but I did’t explain why I was doing this or how I felt about it or even if I learnt anything from it. After theory I had self-directed study, where James’s dads friend were able to apply us with more wooden pallets and we needed up having around 25. However we had to move them into a different room because in the easter holidays there was events going on in the theatre and it wouldn’t have been fair to make them clean it all up. This also included taking some more steel deck out or trying to hide it in the wings. In rehearsals we done a whole run for how much we had already blocked because this was one of the days that the full company were in.


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  1. Good work – keeping including those examples and discussing why you think something has happened/not happened the way you thought.


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