Reflection Week 27

Tuesday 18th April, I started off with choir, which we haven’t had in many weeks because of holidays and auditions days. I think I am making a lot of progress with singing and now that I feel comfortable with the people around me, I’m able to give it a go. After this we went to the theatre where we started setting up for a fashion show happening tomorrow night. We needed to do the lighting plan, which we started to do but we had done a fashion show before and we couldn’t remember what we used before, so when Alex got in he went over what we had done and showed what he had done last time, with a few changes because the walk way was a little bit bigger. With the staging James and I sorted out the the T shape and tried to get it as straight as possible. We were able to have a production meeting today where we went over where we are and what progress we had made in the easter holidays. James and I were still having to go through the props list with Gary and each other. We also needed to sort out the set design as well. Which lead onto a set production meeting, where everyone showed their ideas that we had for it all.  In rehearsals after we blocked the last two scenes we done a Act One run through from Scene 6 till the end of Act One.

Wednesday 19th April, We went straight to the theatre to carry on with the fashion show but before that we were talking to Han about what we talked about in our meeting yesterday with our progress with B&C. After doing this we continued rigging for the fashion show. The plan had to be changed a little bit because of the projector, there wasn’t such a big change it was just not as much on the cyc. The hair and beauty people came were coming at 12 to do run through so we were only able to do the catwalk and house lights and Alex was going to do the colours later. I focused some lights for this and because Alex didn’t have enough time to focus the floods, so I took over that job which isn’t that bad. I do like lighting the only bit I don’t like is programming but I do like doing lighting plans and rigging and focusing. For the fashion show I was working on sound which at first I was nervous about because I don’t know anything about sound and it isn’t something I enjoy that much, however all I had to do was fade in and out the music, which wasn’t too bad and I enjoyed it a little bit. I also had to do a hand held mic which all I had to do was mute it when the music was on and un mute it when they are talking. Overall I thought I done a really good job with sound and nothing went wrong so it was fine.

Thursday 20th April, Today we spend some of today sorting out which pallets out of them all would be the best for the proscenium arch. This took a little while because we didn’t know what idea we were going with and what ones we wanted to use. The only thing we thought about was having a good stable base one that is thick so it has more surface area to balance on. Other than that we didn’t have an idea if we wanted the pallets next to each other or in a pyramid shape. We thought about it and we wouldn’t be putting them up for weeks but there are so many things going up, so we decided to try it out now even though we knew it would change when we are about to put them together. In Bonnie and Clyde Gary was going on about having bread for the church scene so they can be giving them out when ‘Made In America’ is going on.

Friday 21st April, I started off with employability where people who didn’t do their work were going to get a letter home. Luckily for me I had done all my work anyway because I don’t like falling behind. We were talking about what other units we had to complete before the end of our year. After employability we had no lessons for the rest of the day because the tutors had a conference and they wanted everyone to have time to look at their commission work. James and I started to get pallets and started to stain them, however we had a little problem because we needed a cloth to wipe it onto the wood and we didn’t have any. We went around to look for the caretakers and we had a trouble to find them but we found cleaners who were willing to give us some cloths. We had one duster and one cloth that we didn’t know if it would work or not. After I had done 2 pallets the cloth I had started to come off onto the pallet making it hard to put the stain on the wood. So I halted James’s cloth and we were able to use that. While we were doing this Tanya and Jake were sanding down the chairs we were going to use for Bonnie and Clyde and some wooden pallets. In Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals we done our first run through that went very well.18033799_1297105587031737_412436097727064829_n18032997_1297105590365070_2885185956277117911_n


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