Reflection Week 28

Monday 24th April, In the morning we went straight to Tweed where Han was doing a schedule and a list of things we need to do for all the events coming up. For example, our first one is Art & Life where we need to do all the lighting and staging for it. The only problem for this was we didn’t know anything about Art & Life, so we were having a meeting with Erica after our break at 11:30. We don’t know if we are helping out with Waiting which is the Level 2s commission, because it is set in Edmunds. Then Bonnie and Clyde, we have to do all the set and everything in the pre production week and hopefully get it done by Friday so we can have a run through of everything with the set and props, because then we are in on the Saturday where Gary will want to do another run through.  The only problem with Bonnie and Clyde is we haven’t had a lot of time doing this and there has been so many events going on that we haven’t been able to specialise on our commission work. Then there was Saints and Sinners, which is the year 2s commission work, where we have 3 days to get everything out or B&C and set up for S&S. There maybe some quick changes, so some of the year 1s might have to help out with this. Han decided that all of us are helping out with Art & Life because it will easier and it means we both can work on the same amount of things. In Erica’s meeting, she went over everything about Art & Life and how the theme is being in a museum. She said there are movements in-between some of the performances which are: Renaissance, Romanticism, Pre Raphaelites, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, then there is going to be an interval, Symbolism, Supremism, Surrealism, Art Deco, Pop Art, Contemporary and the for the finale there is going to be the theme of a gift shop. We went to the theatre afterwards and started to look at pictures and paintings of this movement and started looking at the colours and pick 3 of the colours that are used. After this Alex and I started a lighting plan, where Erica wanted 3 main sections. We decided instead of using a warm wash having it open white because thats what it would be more like in an Art gallery and then the colour was wanting to be on the outside. We were able to start getting rigging the lights and nearly got them all up before it we had to leave. We were doing this doing Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals.

Tuesday 25th April, Today was an audition day, however I still came in to do work. I came in a little later and then met Leah and Alex in town and was looking for paint. This was for Saints and Sinners but looking around in different shops, allows you to be able to look at other things as well. When we got back to college, James and I started staining the pallets again, and we were able to finish all the ones we wanted to do. There are still some that would need painting because they are bright colours. We sorted out who was doing what props and the harder ones would be for the both of us sorting out. We were then thinking about the diner table that we were going to use with mostly everything. We thought about this when we first started Bonnie and Clyde, so we found a look a like table we were going to use for it. However it wasn’t very stable and was to big to fit between the steel deck legs. This is why today we tried to put it back together, were we found bits of wood that we could easily cut to make it a good size. For example we wanted one side to be longer than the other, so it curves a little, this is why on the side that would be pulled out, would be 2 feet long and the other side would be 1 foot. Then the height of it was going to be 3 feet. We started cutting bits and when we got the bits of wood which would make the longer side, we took it outside to see if it would work. Then there came a problem, the main front bit had plywood covering everything up. The only thing was that the screw were underneath the plywood, so we had to get the screws out that were holding the plywood together so we could get the screws out of the other pieces of wood. The other problem was the corners were nailed into the wood, so we had to carefully pull the plywood off without breaking it. When we eventually got the plywood off and it was still altogether, another problem appeared. Where the plywood was holding the base together, all the wood wasn’t the right length and the wood ended up falling apart which could have ended badly if the wood had of split. When we were able to get all the wood apart, it was nearly time for rehearsals for B&C, so we had to pack everything up and carry it on a different day. The only problem for this was tomorrow we are going to start getting ready for Art & Life for the year 1 commission work.18119110_1522121207800350_6196972596269992932_n18033088_1369575916468884_7356805460095560680_n18118864_1369575909802218_2968201279150866129_n

Wednesday 26th April, We went straight to the theatre to carry on with Art and life set up. Alex was researching about treads because we needed to see how much they would be. So there was James, Richard and I who put up the last lanterns and were able to start focusing. Focusing wise, the colours were more on the outside of the stage and open white was across the stage. We got quite a lot done but we kept asking Alex where he specifically wanted the lanterns to be focused because he is the most experienced with lighting and this was mainly his lighting plan. We couldn’t focus some of the lights because they were aimed onto the steel deck, so we ended up going to get steel deck. However there were already bits of steel deck in the theatre because we never ended up putting bits away. We got 6 bits of steel deck and put them together like we did with the HE music students. Which means miss a leg and put opposite ones in, Meaning someone would have to go under the steel deck to attach them together. We started focusing the lights but didn’t end up finishing them. In rehearsal time, I started to paint the steel deck but we did little by little because Alex wanted to keep focusing, however one of the lanterns wasn’t working, so we were going to wait till tomorrow. He then started sorting out the floor floods. We were able to finish painting but then when we came back from washing up the brushes we noticed we didn’t do the sides but it was going to be ok because we were going to cover it up with material anyway.

Thursday 27th April, We went straight to the theatre, however the year 2s were not there because they had employability. So we started to look at a material that we were able to cover up the side to the steel deck. We found a piece, however it wasn’t exactly the size we wanted it to be. We started off with taping it to the steel deck with black gaffa tape really tight, so it would look better. So everyone else was cutting an extra piece of the material to make it long enough to cover everything up, while I was highlighting the voice over sections, sound effects and backing tracks on a list for Art and Life. At first Jordan was doing to paintings powerpoint, but he had to get sound down, so in the end I took over his place. It was much harder than I thought it was going to be because there was so many paintings that were similar but different in a way or two. Some paintings I had no idea about, so I ended up going to people to see what paintings their ones were. After lunch, I went around to people to check I had the right ones. I only went to the ones that I haven’t already asked and only had to change a few. There is only one that I don’t know is one hundred percent because Sophia wasn’t here today. As well as Dylan was creating his own slideshow of paintings for his dance, so they would change in the background.

Friday 28th April, This morning, I went straight to college to take down everything that we set up yesterday for the comedy gig, however when Alex and I got there everything was taken down except for something that wasn’t ours. Someone in Edmunds told us to take it down, so we did and placed it in the theatre in case the owner came to collect it. After this we went to the cinema, where we were going to watch Twelfth Night, which at first I thought I wasn’t going to like because I am not a fan of Shakespeare. However it had a spin on original idea because it had a lot of comedy in it, which i told was brilliant because it was easier to follow the story and understand the story because Shakespearian language isn’t very easy. One thing I really liked about it, was before the performance was shown, you were able to see the process of the production team getting everything ready. It showed how fast they have to get everything out and put everything up. It also shows how many people are involved and how much room they have to plan everything and make everything. The set they had for Twelfth Night looked so simply however it was a really good idea. All they had to do was spin stairs around to make a new location. Overall I thought the play was really good and it shows how many different routes I could go down doing production arts. After getting back to college we only had about 30 minutes until rehearsals started. In that time we had to get another 6 pieces of steel deck to get into the theatre because someone was coming to collect them. Then we had Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals where we went over the young Bonnie and Clyde section at the beginning and then done a run through of Act 2, which went very well.


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