Reflection Week 29

Tuesday 2nd May, This morning we didn’t have choir because I had to go straight to the theatre to get ready for the tech run we are having with Art and Life at 11:30. When we started the tech, it wasn’t about cue to cue, we had to watch everyone’s because we hadn’t seen them before this moment. What I was doing, was making notes where the set go and what is needed from the set to be on the stage at that moment. I also had to go up and spike some of the set to make sure I knew where things were going. However some set didn’t need spiking because it was easy to remember or we were using other spikes to see where everything was going. We started off where I was only making notes on my phone, but then Han had the idea where to write very thing down on the running sheet, so when we come down to it, I can photo copy the sheet and we will have the running order and what needs to be on in both wings. Everyone else who was doing set was taking notes as well because then they can use their own if they didn’t understand mine or if I may have made a mistake. The only difficulty I found from making notes was what to write to make sure it made sense and trying to use as little words as possible, so there isn’t huge paragraphs and only the useful stuff. After we had finished the tech which was around 4, which didn’t allow us to go to Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals because Art and Life was our main priority at this moment. We had an hour which allowed James, Jake, Tanya and I to go through the notes and separate them from Stage Right and Stage Left, so anything on Stage Right was what James and I were doing and Stage Left the others. When we were able to see what was SR and SL, in our pairs we assigned who was bringing what on and what off. What James and I were trying to do was assign an equal amount to us both so one person wasn’t doing more than the other. This also was easier so, we didn’t have to discuss in the wings who was taking what on and we knew where our specific spikes were. 

Wednesday 3rd May, We went straight to the theatre to get everything ready for the dress run we were having at 11:30. We made sure we knew where everything went and James, Jake, Tanya and I went through everything to make sure we knew who was taking what on. Before 11:30, some groups came in to practice and sort out what they needed to do for the dress because it didn’t go right yesterday in the tech. In the first dress we done really well. Even though there wasn’t an audience I was still nervous because I haven’t moved set on before in a show and I didn’t want mess anything up for the year 1s because it is their FMP. This made me nervous but I like the nervous feeling and i knew where everything was going so it was all fine. It was better when we started because I got into it and it went passed really fast. Even though James and I put everything in the right place, Tanya and Jake must have been having trouble. This was because they had forgotten to put things on. But it was fine because they learnt from what they did and didn’t forget about it afterwards. For the dress, we didn’t have to go to rehearsals because of the dress rehearsals and setting everything up for tomorrow and getting ready for it because we were doing another dress tomorrow morning.

Thursday 4th May, Today all the year ones went straight to the theatre to get notes that were taken yesterday in the dress. This took about 2 hours because there were so many notes taken. My notes were: instead of James and I taking the rails on the characters in Playhouse Creatures are going to take them on and all I have to do is place the chair on the SR side. Also after Sunday we are not taking the easel off anymore because Ryan is able to take it off. So instead we have to bring the ballet barre on normal and then pick up what Ryan has left behind on the steel deck that includes a pallet, paintbrush and bottle beer. In Equus we need to move the whole set downstage, which we already knew except we hadn’t had time to do it and in the run because we hadn’t moved it, we thought we would just put it in the same place because if not we could have probably put it more out of light. Most of the notes we had were either to move the chairs or set a little bit to make it into the light or if we were figuring out who is taking what on. 

We then started the dress around 11:30-12 so we could have a break and finish before Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals. During the run, which now was our second run, after the notes I had taken, we figured everything out and we changed all the things we needed to, this carried on just before the show started as well. In this run I felt more confident on what I was doing because yesterday went very well for me because I had gone over everything James and I were doing and making sure we both knew what was going on. I wanted to keep going over it because I wanted to make sure I understood where everything went and made sure I put everyone on unneeded to put on at the right time. Luckily enough James and I out everything on and in the right place we wanted it to be. However right at the beginning in Playhouse Creatures I was standing around looking lost because there was a long gab in the blackout where no one came on to put the rails on. This was a note for them in that was given to them at 5:30 before the show. How we put the chairs behind the rails really worked because it was easier for them to come out.

Friday 5th May, Today I had employability in the morning and then I didn’t have any more lessons after this. I went to the theatre where all of us were there and we started a lighting plan for Bonnie and Clyde and Saints and Sinners. Richard and Alex went over the notes that they had from the meeting they had with Gary and we took everything in with what they said. I was next to Alex when he started the plan, however I wanted Richard to be next to him to see exactly what was going on because that was the main thing Richard was worried about with being lighting. And I moved opposite them and helped out with the lighting plan still. The lighting plan took a while but we eventually were able to finish it just before rehearsals. After lunch James and I went to Gary’s office because he wanted to tell us about the signs he wanted to show the difference from the diner to bank to general store. In rehearsals they done a run through of Act 1 because we didn’t have enough time for Act 2. Paul was doing all the songs to it and underscore and because I haven’t been in rehearsals for ages I hadn’t seen any of the underscore or any of the new blocking that they had changed.


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