Reflection Week 31

Monday 15th May, Today we had photos, which meant we had to finish everything off by the time the photographer got her, which was going to be 10. James and I had to try and finish off all the props, however this wasn’t as important as the set. This meant we had to quickly sort out the signs that are going to be put on the diner. This was quite a task because everything was going on and it was a bit hectic, however we were able to finish off the last pieces of set, such as painting and covering everything up. With the signs, we had to print off pictures in A3 form and then I went and cut the same size on plywood, which was difficult because we had no room to cut it. However I was able to do that and with the glue that Jake was using already, I was able to glue it on, but it didn’t look that neat but I thought it looked better that it was more screwed up because it is was neat, it would be against the whole 1930s look. It also goes with the posters that are on the proscenium arch. I then put the other printed out sign on the back of the one I just done because it was quicker and easier just to turn it around on the night. After this I needed to drill holes into the sign which were equally apart, so it doesn’t slope on one side. While I was doing this James was cutting out the same size for the plywood for the other picture sign. I was able to then go and thread the twine into the holes and make the sign, then I had to quickly drill the holes into the last sign and thread the twine through and we had finished with the signs. We were able to do this and not run into the photographer time because Beth was still at the hairdressers getting her hair done. During this I learnt that you can get something done really quickly if you put your mind to it. In the photos Han asked me to start getting the projections ready, where Lucy and I sat down, with her with my script telling me when there is a different location and different time zone. We only had to it simply because we were going to change it later, because there were photos that were needed to be add to the slides. When we finished this, Han and I sat down and tried to find an effect to make the slides look older and vintage. This was difficult because we couldn’t find anything, however I was able to find something but the brightness of the writing was too bright for the slide so I had to go through all of the slides and turn that done. When I went to send it to Jordan through email because the projections will be coming off of is mac, all the brightness came back. We started the tech after lunch which started off really slow but that was because at the beginning the lights change from one side of the stage to the other so many times due to young Bonnie and Clyde. While we were doing the tech I had Hans mac in front of me with the props list, so we could write down which side the props are coming off and on from. So when it comes to the show night we can easily just put what needs to be on what side knowing 100% it goes there.

Tuesday 16th May, This morning we were trying to get all props ready for the dress coming up . We still needed to finish off the tech but we couldn’t do that until 11:30 be use of English. This meant James and I were able to print everything off we needed. However we stilled couldn’t, because we didn’t have enough time. The only thing we needed was the newspapers, which James wanted to try and photoshop, so this was going to take the longest to do. I was able to do the magazines last night, which meant we didn’t need to worry about that today, I was also able to get a chocolate box, which all we needed to do was cover it up. What we did this morning was print out all the money and cut it to size. This took quite a bit of time because we needed a lot of money to make sure we didn’t run out. James was printing them off while I was cutting them and making how I made my other ones. This was the fastest way we could of done it, the only problem was we had to go and release the files from the library printed which took most of the time. We were able to start the dress today at a reasonable time and with some props still not there such as the newspaper, I was really hoping people knew that there was going to be a prop there. So I was telling them that there will be a newspaper there just so they knew. That was the only thing except from files for the sheriff office, however we used paper for this run. When we done the first dress, because the company is bringing on the props and set, some people forgot and we just had to keep reminding them. We figured out Lucy and I were going to change the props in-between because we were the ones sorting out the list and she knew more to what side the props were going than James did. During the break we were able to get everything in the right place, in a good amount of time. Meaning when it actually comes to the show we are able to change the props around when it comes to the interval.

Wednesday 17th May, Today was the opening night of Bonnie and Clyde and we were going to do another dress run at 11:30 because people are in maths.During this time we were able to finish the newspaper and glue them on and we were able to print everything off we needed, such as the pictures for the sheriffs office. Well we done notes at 11:30 from yesterdays dress and we didn’t get any notes from props, so everything should have been in its side. The only time props were brought up was when something forgot to bring it on. We started the dress early which means we had a long break in-between the show, which allowed us to get everything right and made sure we sorted everything out before the show and it also meant we were able to have a break. During the show, nothing went really bad, it all went smoothly on my behalf. We were able to get everything in the right place in the interval and made sure it was in the same place as how we have had it in for the past dress runs. My brother gave feedback on tonight about how he said he was shocked by all of the talent that we do have in ConEast and he was annoyed that everything went very smooth and nothing went wrong in his eyes. However we knew some things went wrong with some cueing.

Thursday 18th May, Today we were catching up on all the work we needed to do because how behind everyone is because of all of events that have been going on. I was doing my task 2 and my blogs because I haven’t been able to catch up with them. We also went over everything we needed to and made sure we put everything in the right place for act 1 for tonight. During tonights show everything went really well, except from our quick change where we couldn’t get Beth’s hat on. So she went on without it, which wasn’t to bad, it just to create her look she needed it, but it went on really well and sorted out afterwards.

Friday 19th May, Today we came in but didn’t have to until 10, however I wanted to get in because I thought I could have done some work. It was a nice relaxing day catching up on everything and just resting from the full on week. Throughout the day we didn’t have to do anything until 5:30 which was our call for the show. We just had to re set everything and made sure everything was in the right place so we didn’t have to rush later, it also meant we had a longer break and only had to come back at 5:30 no earlier. During the show besides the singing going weird with people forgetting where they come in, the show went really smooth.

Saturday 20th May, Today the call was at 5:30 and we just made sure everything was in the right place and got ready for the night because this was the last show and we wanted to make sure everything went right. The quick change and everything backstage went fine, nothing went wronged it was a good show to end on.



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