Reflection Week 32

Monday 22nd May, Today we went straight to the theatre to get everything out from Bonnie and Clyde and start getting Saints and Sinner stuff in. The first thing we done was get the seating away so we have more room. We then started getting the sound down and start putting away. Where I was taking all the props away and clearing the wings because we wanted to keep some props. It was clearing everything out so we could get the set in. Richard was focusing the light not he steel deck for the back bar which meant that was going to be out of the way and they wouldn’t have to focus them later.  When we were taking things into Tweed, Jake and Doug were cleaning it at the same because we wanted it cleaner than it has been, we still need to clean it up more because we it is really bad. We were able to clear the stage, except from the steel deck, we were going to paint it black before taking it down. We took the rails off and then we started painting it black, however we ran out of black paint so we had to wait till Tanya got back with black paint. After we were able to paint the steel deck black, we were then able to take the steel deck done and only use the amount that the year 2s wanted and out the rest away in the shed. The problem us year 1s had was we didn’t know anything about Saints and Sinners, so we didn’t know what the stage is like or what they are using and where everything was going, so we just had to do what we were told. Han, Simon and I were able to move ‘Saint Jimmy’s’ office which is steel deck into the place they wanted it for the show and put some more rails up and put the treads back on. We had to move the flat behind it a little bit because it was angled to much. We were able to get all the set in but we still were not ready with everything. So tomorrow we are hoping to finish everything before the tech tomorrow at 11:30.

Tuesday 23rd May, We started in the theatre straight away trying to get all the lighting done and getting the rest of the set in. We also had to get the seating out, because we needed to out the follow spots up for the tech run. During the tech run Alex was programming when they were going, Lucy was calling the cues, Jordan was doing sound and Leah was making notes for the follow spots; when she needs to do it. On the night Alex will be another follow spot and Richard will be on LX, however because Alex designed the plan he would much faster to program the lights. What the year 1s were doing was work, I started doing my work but then Leah asked if I could take photos, considering they didn’t have a photographer and they needed them for the program and portfolio. After the tech we just had to make sure everything was ready for the dress tomorrow and the show.

Wednesday 24th May, We started off in the theatre and started to get ready for the dress run happening at 11:30. I didn’t do much in this time because this wasn’t my show and I didn’t know what else was needed. I think that was the most difficult part of Saints and Sinners because I didn’t know anything about it, so it was hard to help because I didn’t know what needed to be done and what was the set was going to look at. We started the dress and it went very smooth and it showed how the show is going to go smoothly on the night. I watched the show tonight and it went really well. It is amazing to see how the actors are different infant of the audience and infant of no body, all of their characters came out more and it was easier to understand the storyline, whereas during the dress this morning, I didn’t understand everyones character because they change so much.

Thursday 25th May, This morning I was carrying on with work when year 2s were in employability. After employability we done notes from last nights show. I was still trying to catch up with work at this point. I was so behind due to all the events that have been going on and I know I have half-term to do it but I still had normal work then. I was so behind I was worrying but I know if I get it done early it will be fine. We were free for the whole day, so we were resting and making sure we were at a level where we knew what every task wanted. I went to the show again tonight, and it felt different because I changed sides I was sitting at. The atmosphere felt more lively as well but that was because a lot of ConEast students were here tonight.

Friday 26th May, All we had to do today was get everything out from Saints and Sinners, because during half-term there is a show going on and we needed to return the flats back in and angle the rest. We were able to go straight after we finished cleaning out the theatre. We only took until about 12 which was really fast. I did have employability this morning, where i had completed my work and we were talking about UCAS. I was able to go home early and get a rest from the long weeks.




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