Autumn Term – Task 3

Part 1:

To start off with a proscenium arch is an arch framing the opening between the stage and the auditorium in some theatres. There are some advantages and disadvantages regarding this staging. An advantage is the sight lines are excellent and work is easy to stage. However, a disadvantage is the audience can feel quite removed from the action. For example, if there is a theatre with side seats, they are most likely not being able to see the performance that is also the same side as they are.

Then a thrust stage is a stage that extends into the auditorium so that the audience is seated around three sides. An advantage is the audience feel included and an intimate atmosphere is created. Having one end which is visible to all provides a ‘back’ to the stage. On the other hand, however, the sight lines are better than proscenium arch they can still be an issue.

Theatre in the round is also known as arena theatre or central staging and is any theatre space in which the audience surrounds the stage area. A good thing about using this technique is that it makes an intimate and exciting atmosphere. Audience feel included. But then the sight lines can be very tricky because anywhere you are going to stand will cut out a section of the audience.

Traverse stage is a form of theatrical stage which the audience are facing each other on two different sides and basically cut in half. This type of staging is also known as an alley or corridor stage. An advantage of using this staging is the audience on either side can clearly see work that happens at two sides. The audience can see each other, creating intimacy. However because they are on opposite sides, the audience might see two entirely different shows and sight lines are still an issue.

Cafe theatre is when there are tables all around the performers.This is like proscenium arch, as in the audience as all in front of the performers. However it would be an open stage. An advantage of using this staging is, it can make the audience feel more comfortable and can relax and enjoy the experience more. Then a disadvantage would be the people who are sitting around a round table or facing there backs towards the stage, can be very awkward for them to see what is going on.

Then a final staging technique is promenade staging, which is the performance area may be set in various locations in a venue. This meaning the audience sit or stand in on stage into the action. An advantage for this is it works brilliantly when locations suit the work presented. Interesting experience for the audience. Then a disadvantage is the moving between locations can break the tension of the piece and take some time.

Part 2:

I think the likely audience for Our House is going to be family members, so will be a variety of ages. However i think the typical or stereotypical person who would watch this musical will be someone who is interested in Madness. i think it is most likely to be males aged between 16-50. The young age barrier is because of the modern day language in the script and because it is a musical, however the older barrier because they are the ones who were brought up with music from Madness. Their social grouping will be working class because of Madness and how they speak. They speak London/Essex which isn’t a up class accent. Someone to watch this musical, i think, will not need any theatre experience because it is different from other performances because the musical is so fast and doesn’t have a lot of speaking involved.

A way to market Our House to appeal to this target audience is by posters or flyers,to appeal to the older barrier and then social media for the younger barrier because that is how they are most likely to see it. If we had a load of budget to spend, other marketing techniques are using television, newspapers, radios and billboards. However for a little production the most common way to appeal to the locals is by posters and putting them up everywhere so people can see or even mentioning it to people.img_04121

This is the design of the poster I created, the only things missing from this, are the logos of conservatoire EAST and West Suffolk College. However this was just a plan of what it would look like because I did it by hand. It contains the title, the showing time, the dates and costs, the location and the theatre royal website for people to get the tickets. It also contains the madness logo to represent the songs are theirs.


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