Autumn Term – Task 5

Risk assessment

  • Risk: Overheating of the sound box
  • Likelihood: Low
  • If it did happen: Unplug everything and let it cool of as fast as you can so nothing blows up or gets damaged.
  • How to prevent it: Don’t over use it and try not to make ut do loads of things at once.


  • Risk: Tripping over wires
  • Likelihood: High
  • If it did happen: Call a first aider and help the person who has fell and make sure they are alright.
  • How to prevent it: Tape down all the wires that are across the floor so it is less likely to trip over.


  • Risk: A fire
  • Likelihood: Low
  • If it did happen: Escort everyone out of the nearest fire exits and walk them to safety.
  • How to prevent it: Keep everything in our area safe, however if it is somewhere else in the building then it isn’t our fault.


  • Risk: A lamp falling
  • Likelihood: Very low
  • If it did happen: Make it hasn’t hurt anyone and clean up the area. However you would want to escort people out because it could of had a little explosion and we would need to check the plug to see why it fell.
  • How to prevent it: Make sure all the lighting is connected properly.


  • Risk: A cast member falling off the steel deck
  • Likelihood: medium
  • If it did happen: If they look hurt either escort the public out or move the person out of the theatre to a better place for them. This would need a first aider there to help them.
  • How to prevent it: Just telling the cast to be careful.

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