Autumn Term – Task 7

Presentation Skills:

I think that went well was the fact i smoothly moved onto the different topics of stage management. My slides on my slide show were in order, which made it easier for me and the audience. I had cue cards, meaning instead of having to look at the board, i could easily note myself on what i am mentioning next. My voice was very clear and understandable, as i tried to speak properly and pronounce my words. i was very confident,making what i say more convincing that i knew what i was going on about. I think what didn’t go as well was, i didn’t understand the presentation clearly. Meaning i thought i had to only reflect on what i have done through Our House as a stage manager. However i should have talked about everything from the mic plan to the making of the poster frames. I think i could have added less information to my slide, making the audience more appealed to what i am saying, instead of reading from the board. Also i feel i used some slang, where i was trying to explain so didn’t sound as professional and formal as i should have sounded.

I can improve my presentations by practicing in front of an audience more, getting their feedback, reflecting on it and being able to make it better and flow more. I think i can also try to speak more proper, so i don’t sound any informal. I think for myself,i use my hands a lot when trying to get a point across. This may be fine but i feel like i could try and not be tempted to move my hands while speaking. As well as i need to practice on only putting the key aspects in the presentations in little bullet points.

Content of Presentation:

Where i am in Our House with the planning and what i need to do, i am on track. I  have been helping the cast with their lines and studying the script while we block the scenes. So i can eventually know the script really well. The only way to do this is by repetition and that is what we do, when we block scenes. The work i do, is mainly in production week, which consists of writing the cues and blocking notes in the book, ready for the performance. Also talking to Leah about the lighting plan and how many cues she is planning on doing. This is because every cue that she wants, i will have to cue her in for. Also what i need to do is talk to James about the sound effects and make sure we have them at the same time and if he has any extra ones. As the stage manager, i feel confident with the other crew members they know what they are doing and when so if i was not able to cue them, they would be able to take action for themselves.

To improve my skills during this production, i feel like i need to contribute more with the sound and lighting, so i can learn and also make a significant difference to the production. This also allows me to understand in the future when i am doing lighting or sound in a production, i know how to operate it. I feel the way i can contribute more, is by adding thoughts into the different aspects, lighting, sound, costume and set. Even though i have done a lot with the set, cutting wood and sanding it down for the frames and even taking charge at one moment and making sure we are cutting the right measurements and cutting the right amount of wood. I feel like i can put more suggestions into the set design as moving it around and adding a little more smoothness, with the flats turning. The same with the costume, i could bring more clothes in, as i have bright colours for the modern day look.

Another way we need to consider to improve the way the production is delivered to the audience is by the posters. By this i mean, bright, standing out but easy to read, so the audience isn’t confused on what the set is showing because of how much is moves around and changes from one place to another. Also the lighting ans sound effects; these need to be in the correct places throughout the musical because if they are not, it can change the whole intensity and realism to the performance. This also leads to, the cast not portraying the right emotions and building up tension, if the sound was off etc.


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