Autumn Term – Task 9


From the start of this production i was the stage manager, meaning i was one of the important roles throughout the production. I had the responsibility to cue in lighting and sound effects due the production. However up to the production i was in every rehearsal on ‘the book’. This means i was correcting or prompting the cast, with their lines. However even though my main role was being stage manager, i also helped out with the rest of the production. This consists of doing the first draft of the mining plan. I say first draft because it changed throughout the production because of difficulty changing them over.  I also helped with the building of the set, which was  cutting wood, sanding it, putting it together, putting canvas on top and then drawing and painting on the canvas the designs for the scenes.

My work in progress presentation was good, however i didn’t add in other aspects that i contributed to, i just talked about my role ‘stage management’. Going through the work in progress i realised most of my heavy work will be in production week because thats when I’m adding cues to ‘the book’. I still did a lot of work in rehearsals by making notes about every rehearsal so we have everything that we need. My work in progress presentation could have gone better due to making it longer and including more but my presentation skills were really good. My main feedback was i put across that i was really confident making it seem more reasonable what i am saying and more believable. However i just need to include everything and put less on the powerpoint when writing and just expand the points into what i am saying, so people focus on me and not on the powerpoint.

Throughout the production i was confident enough to do the whole show by myself. However i knew Lucy would be there, this was false because of Shane having to be backstage the whole of Act 1 and Hopwood not being able to control the band, miss and sound effects all at once because how fast the show is. So Lucy took control of the sound effects and i was the stage manager by myself. At first i was panicking, however i had no reason to because i knew the show really well. My only problem is the overture at the beginning. This is because the cues were placed in the music and because i haven’t had much experience with reading that much music i was a bit scared. But knowing Leah knew were her cues went and that Lucy was going to be on the cans throughout the whole show made me feel better and by the last night i knew exactly were the cues were during the music.

In rehearsals i feel like i could have focused more, so i knew the show much sooner than i did. As well as learnt more of the blocking because it would have been easier for the lighting plan and knowing where my visuals are. Obviously this was written all in the book, however knowing it mostly off by heart would have been better. Now the show is over i feel more confident being able to stage manage and what and where the sound effects and lightenings were. When i was transferring all the lighting into the book, i think i would have prepared taking over Lucy and carried on much sooner than i did. I thought it didn’t look that hard and for me to understand better, me writing in my own writing. I did do most of the writing in ‘the book’ but i feel like Lucy wanted to write it all because she may have thought i hadn’t got it at the time. This was to do with the lighting but when it came to the sound effects, i didn’t write any of the cues in because i was far to busy helping out with the rest of the show. When Lucy finished going through it with James, she went through it with me a little bit and i allowed myself to go through ‘the book’ and read it myself. To be honest it was better Lucy going through the sound effects so she roughly knew where they came in, even though i was cueing her on all of them.

During the production i thought i did very well for my first time being g stage manager because how fast the scene changes were and how many cues there was. I’m glad i was the stage manager for this show because it was a confidence boost, meaning if i ever was the stage manager again i wont be scared or nervous that the show was on me. The role always kept me focused, except from the last show on Saturday right at the beginning of Act 2 were i cued the sound effect before the cast even got into the wings in the blackout. I think it was because the show on Saturday had a different feeling than all the rest of the nights because it just didn’t role as smooth as the others. However except from this mishap, the rest of the show and the beginning of it was fine for cueing and this is including the rest of the nights. I think by Friday i really had everything figured out, however because i had to wake up at 5 for work on Saturday and go to work, it knocked my focus.

Overall i think my strengths are that i can easily do another production as a stage manager and make it out good and being able to communicate with the other people on the cans. For example some cues were when dad appeared on the steel deck or when the music started. This was difficult for me because i was in an awkward place that i couldn’t see Paul or anything in that area because of the proscenium arch. However i told Leah what the next cue was and when we discussed when we wanted to appear, so she can do it because she can see the whole stage from LX box. I feel like the areas i need to improve on are staying focused throughout and if there is anything going on backstage for myself to realise that it isn’t my problem and carry on with the show. As well as i feel like i could have helped more in production week or at least been more productive with my role. Even though i did all the stuff i didn’t do to, i could have token over more and got stuck right in. Also i feel like i could have helped the rest of the crew more because on how little time we had and how fast the musical was. However i feel like i did a good job and it made the musical look much better when the lighting and sound cues were in the right places.


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