Unit 5&6 – Task 3

A summery of Lilies on the Land: World War II starts so the men are needed to go and fight for their country. Because the men have gone away, their jobs are needed to do, so the woman are needed to do labour work. The four woman have different journeys and jobs and roles throughout the time they work on the land, and they express this through their diary’s, which includes ‘one hundred and fifty letters. They also got more information from interviews with original Land Girls. It also includes some songs from around that time period’. The play is based on their journeys which they had wrote in for all the years they were working. During the time they work on the land, they really enjoy it, even though most hate their wardens but don’t understand why the men always moan about working. They also have to put up with men who are still there, who think they cannot do it because they are women. Throughout the play it changes in years very subtlety because the whole thing follows on. At the end of the play they wish how they could do it all over again.


(Wednesday 7th December)


Her name isn’t actually Poppy, but when she gets on the farmland thats what they call her after she proves she has become a farmland girl. She is from Oxfordshire, raised in a happy family, who had money as well to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle. At first she wasn’t going to work on the Land but instead join the Wrens. But because she is into romance after the posters, she fell in love with working of the WLA. Her personality is she is a confident, outgoing person who enjoys dances and obviously romance.


Her personality is happy, confident young cockney. She was brought up from a large family in the East End. She didn’t really know what to do on the land and didn’t know ‘one end of a cow from the other’. However even though she didn’t know anything about the land, she was keen and ready to get stuck in because she wanted to do her bit for the War Effort. Throughout the play she contains her sense of humour and positivity, most of the time,  where she can. She loves driving in her tractor by herself, where she fell in love with the countryside and Jim.


She is brought up a Methodist and is quite a big family in Newcastle. Her personality is she is very naive and childlike but not childish. Also she is funny and affectionate. She describes herself as being pretty, which includes her having curls and referencing herself to look ‘doll-like’ when she wears her uniform. However she is still a girly girl, by being into her make-up and curlers. Throughout the play she spends a lot of time by herself, which makes her to become more introspective.


She is very complicated person, who believes strongly in fait. She asks many questions and always thinks it should go her way all the time, meaning she isn’t classed as one of the girls. However, she is well educated but frustrated with old-fashioned views of woman. Her family home includes her snobby stepmother who she wants to get away from and wants to find who she truly is. Out of all the four Land Girls she is properly the most loneliness because of her views and opinions.

The play will be set in the whole stage, however upstage right in the corner will be steel decks that is provided as a platform. So far in our work, the most it is used for is for Margie for when she is alone and not with the other girls dancing. The whole play carry on and no one goes off into the tabs unless to put a instrument down or for a costume change. No one goes off because the stories carry on from one to another having no time to change the set and because their are so many characters however small cast meaning, they will be playing more than 1 and having different costumes for each character. There is going to be hay bails because they are on the land and they are just going to move around the stage to represent the change in time and change in scenes.

There are two productions going on at the same time meaning we have to compromise with them too because we cannot change everything every night. For example, the lighting we cannot ridge the lights everyday, so we have to have the same lighting plan because they need to be the same. In Bent they have a lot of specials meaning they need a lot of fresnel lanterns for the specials and we only have a limited amount, so we have to compromise with them because they won’t be able to have all of them they will just have to improvise with he lighting because its an disadvantage for us in Lilies. Even though Lilies lighting is going to stay the same throughout the play for most of it and is only going to change during songs or the mood of the play it will stay the same because they are also on the stage and always speaking. Another thing is props because if we have the same props or some of the same props, we can just use the same ones instead of getting two of the same things.


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