Unit 5&6 – Task 4

In Lilies on the Land i am the lighting designer. I am not just the lighting designer for this because Tanya is also it with me, however properly on the night, one of us will be doing the sound as well. Because i am the lighting designer i have to create a lighting plan and decide on the colours and atmosphere i want to make. This continues to me also programming the lights and ridging them. However, because there are two productions going on at the same time, we cannot change the lights everyday, making Tanya and i have to compromise with Alex and Jordan to make the same lighting plan that works for us both. I already have made a lighting plan  but it only includes parcels at the back with colours of orange and yellow, also maybe red but then the rest is a warm an cold wash. However after Lynn and Erica talked to Han, they said they want the lighting to be more interesting because the play is a long story which 4 girls narrate. So during my self-directed study’s i have been researching some interesting patterns and effects that would be able to include into Lilies. Soon i will be having a meeting with Lynn and Erica about some ideas we have. I want to be able to make an atmosphere in each scene with different monologues because it will change what the audience is thinking and feeling. I want the lights to also tell the stories emotions but as well as, during the songs to show excitement because they are memories.

I am also a helping with the set design. Lucy has given Leah and I the job to do the set because she is too busy with props and costume. For this job we need to talk to Erica and Lynn for what they want and what they are planning it too look like. We know we are getting hay bails but with foam in them because they will be easier. We need to start looking into the price and talk to Lucy because she has already found something about them. Then we also have to think about the steel deck and how high and how many we want.

Action Plan:



  • Create another lighting plan.
  • Have a meeting with Erica and Lynn about ideas.
  • Start looking at Act 2.
  • Talk to Lucy about the set, what Leah and I need to get.


  • Talk to Alex and Jordan about lighting plan.
  • Look more into Act 2.
  • Start thinking about the ideas i got from the meeting with Lynn and Erica.


  • Look into Act 2 and try to design a lighting plan.
  • Talk to the boys more about the lighting plan.
  • Talk to Leah to see if our plan is good enough or correct so it can work.


  • Hopefully have a final Act 2 lighting plan, which is similar to Act 1.
  • Talk to the boys to see what their idea is for Act 2.
  • Hopefully have sorted out the lighting plan so they are nearly the same.




  • Have the same lighting plan as the boys that works for both of us.
  • Carry on with the set with Leah, hopefully would have finished it.
  • Start thinking of sound and projections.


  • Still talk to the boys to think of gels.
  • Start thinking about programming lights but in my script.
  • More with sound and projections.


  • Make sure the boys lighting plan hasn’t changed.
  • Talk to Bent about organising and arranging the set.
  • Look at set, sound and projections.


  • Look at set, sound and projections.
  • Talk to boys more about arranging set.
  • Talk to boys about lighting again.




  • Production week: program lights.
  • Make sure costume is ready.
  • Make sure set is ready.
  • Over all make sure everything is ready.




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