Unit 5&6 – Task 6


My presentation skills:

During my presentation, I think what went is I was comfortable with what I was saying and I knew what I wanted to say because I had been practicing it before I presented it to the rest of the class. I would say I was confident and clear in speaking, however I didn’t use the right punctuation in my words, for example I was saying ‘we done’ instead of ‘we did’. I also used a lot of slang, which is really informal and if I was pitching in front of someone professionally, they wouldn’t take me seriously because I wasn’t speaking formally. Also with my presentation skills, my tone in voice made the presentation more interesting because if I was just speaking in the same tone of voice in the whole presentation, I would start to sound boring and not interesting.

The way I can improve on my presentation skills is by practising in front of an audience, so I can get feedback before I do it and get filmed. Also I can practice my vocabulary, so I don’t use slang and be unformal. I could also use cue cards, so instead of looking up at the screen, I can easy remind myself what the slide is and talk about it then. I also could use less information on my slides, so there is only little information on the screen and I am the one explaining it, so the audience looks at me when I’m speaking instead of the screen. I did use a lot of pictures and not a really good size and I don’t think I explained them really well, which I can improve by making them a bigger size and explaining them more, as if I was explaining it to someone that had no idea on what the play was about.

The content of the presentation:

At the moment I am in a good place for my play because I have had a meeting with Lynn about lighting so I understand what she wants. Some things may change up to the show but we have many weeks to be able to work around that. I have a final lighting plan, which is the same as the boys, which we are going to try out in one of our lighting lessons, so we can make sure it works before the show comes around and finding out that it doesn’t work. I have also done Act 1 cue sheet for lighting and I have now done Act 2, since we went through Act 2 in rehearsals on Tuesday. This is most likely going to change because it may not work or I may have eft some areas out or included some that isn’t necessary for them to be there.

I think I need to focus more and try to help out more with the production in different areas. I also hope that with lighting I will be able to test things out and be able to have more experience with programming before the show, so I can feel more confident being in control, so if it was too dark or the lighting stopped working, I could easily try to work out the problem or just bring some lights up so it wouldn’t be to dark. To improve my skills, I could help Lucy with sewing up some of the dungarees to learn how to do it, so when I am costume and props in a production I know what I’m doing. I also could learn how cut the sound again and put it on cue lab so when I am sound I will know what I’m doing but also in case Tanya isn’t there I will be able to take control if needed.

Things that need to be considered to improve the way the production will be delivered to the audience are the effects I am trying to make with the lighting and the moods that are being portrayed at that moment. I don’t want the lights to be too modern because I want to show the period that this play is being performed in. As well as I don’t want there to be a lot of light changes because it will take away the atmosphere and the emotion that the cast is trying to make. However I am wanting to make the lights seem non realist because half of the play is performed as memories and I want to try and show that through the lighting so the audience understands when it is a memory and when it is the cast telling stories.


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