Unit 5&6 – Task 7

Risk Assessment:


•Risk: Hay Bails setting off hay fever

•Likelihood: Low

•If it did happen: Take medication

•How to prevent it: We are getting hypo allergenic straw instead, which apparently is non allergenic.


•Risk: Lights over heating

•Likelihood: Medium

•If it did happen: Depending when it is, turn lights off till they cool down.

•How to prevent it: Only put them on just before people start coming in and turn them off when everyone leaves at end.


•Risk:Falling off steel deck

•Likelihood: medium

•If it did happen: Get a first aider to the action, if they are seriously hurt.

•How to prevent it: Have rails at the back of the steel deck with stairs. Also make sure they are not standing on the edge.


•Risk: Tripping over the floods on the floor

•Likelihood: Low

•If it did happen: Help the person up, see if they need a first aider.

•How to prevent it: outline the lights and make sure the preset is bright enough to see where they are going.


•Risk: Hay bails catching fire. (from heat of lights)

•Likelihood: medium

•If it did happen: Put the fire out, but get everyone out the theatre for safety.

•How to prevent it: stray over the straw with fire resistant spray.


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