Unit 8 – Evaluation


For Bonnie and Clyde I was given the job roles of set design and props. On set there were four of us, which included people doing costume and props. Straight away with set we had a meeting about how we wanted to do it. All we knew was that there was going to be three bases of steel deck:one for the band, a higher platform for performing and a lower one for performing as well. With props there was just James and I where we sorted out a props list straight away, by going through the script and pulling out on ones from there. There were many shows that intervened with this show, but we had to work around it. We had Art and Life, which was the year 1s commission work a week before pre production week, we had a fashion show before that, Saints and Sinners, which was the year 2s commission work a few days after Bonnie and Clyde and we also had Easter, which means we were not at college doing set work. Carrying on from that we also had a lot of audition days for the new year 1s to come up next year. So we didn’t have a lot of time to plan what was going on for Bonnie and Clyde and in pre production week, we just had to wing it.

At the beginning with set, we never saw our directors plan because we were meant to make it our selves. We only got a little bit of information because of blocking and they need to know where everything goes. We were told about the different levels and I thought it was such a good idea because I had the image of the set to look abstract. The other idea we had was to make everything look like wood with pallets, so straight away we started to collect pallets. Our main priority with the pallets was to make them look older, this meant all the light coloured wood, we had to stain with an oak look, to make it look more rustic. Staining the pallets I thought I done a pretty good job considering we didn’t sand them down before hand and the material we were using to apply the stain. After this we had a long break in-between with different shows that we were not able to do any more things towards set. Even though set was assigned to four of us, every chipped in with their ideas and we tried to apply them to what we were going for. The first change we had was with the steel deck; we had made a plan to scale on what we were going to use, so we tried this out by laying the steel deck out. Our first problem was for the band and the steel deck was too long, length way, to attach the treads on. We didn’t actually know what size the treads were going to be, so we just had to make sure we had a lot of space. We had to decide to decrease the steel deck size in length and bring it out further onto stage, to increase the width. This made all of the steel deck some further onto stage and have less floor room for the cast to perform on. Also wit the band we decided to change the height of the steel deck, meaning there were three sections, the drums being at 6ft, piano at 4ft and the rest of the band at 5ft. I thought I put a lot of ideas into trying to figure out the steel deck, however I feel I should have helped out with the planning bit of the steel deck for original plan more. Then we might not have had to change so much of the plan. With the planning of building the set; proscenium arch, jail doors, table and diner, we didn’t have a plan at all to how we were going to build them. That is except from the diner, were we thought we would use something that was used for a counter before. However it was taken down, meaning we had to rebuild the whole thing, making sure it was stronger.

With the proscenium arch, we knew what idea we were going for, only thing we wanted to know is it it was in a pyramid shape or straight down one side. We decided on straight down one side, which at first I didn’t agree on but then I changed around some pallets and made it look better to fit the straight down on side. Attaching the pallets, we knew we were going to use hinges and leg brace because that is the only support we would have. We had to put wood in-between the pallets, if not they would fold down because of the hinges. When we were able to put them up, we thought of the idea of putting a safety chain through the top pallet and over the tab track. I could have helped more with the building of the arch but I was doing the decorating bit of the arch, by pulling wood off of the pallets. Overall with the proscenium arch I thought I gave my ideas clearly and people took the on board. Then came the jail doors, where I was put in charge, mainly people I came up with the idea on how to make them and I was there to try the first one out. With the first one, it took a little while, because we didn’t know what we were doing exactly. We were fine with the drilling, but then trying to put the middle piece of wood in the middle, took a lot of strength into trying to push the wood down because it was so tight on the plastic. However if we were going to make the holes bigger, it meant we would have had to glue on the wood, which might have made it less steady and would have taken up more time. We successfully got the wood in the middle and started to attach the outside frame, we were able to attach two of the side frames, however we couldn’t get underneath the wood to attach the other bit in, so we had to think of an other idea. We could have attach some more little wood onto the jail door to make it more stable, however it looked very abnormal and not like a jail door. So instead we took the frame if the jail apart, made two longer bits of wood to put down the sides and then cut away sone of the middle wood frame to be able to fit in it. I think we done a very good job with the jail doors and showed our good problem solving skills. We ran out of long pieces of wood, so eventually we went back to the original idea for the last jail door, which was fine because it was going to be on the side that is only used for a little but in the performance. Then after we finished all of them, straight away we went onto the table, which wasn’t going to be that hard because we knew what pallet we were using, so straight away I started sanding down the top and sides of the pallet, while Doug was cutting out the legs as equal as possible and as straight as possible. The only problem we had with making the table, is we didn’t have a lot of room to build the table on, so we had to improvise and try to level the legs out on the floor, trying tomato sure they are all at the same height. We put three screws in sideways and then two from the top, making sure it doesn’t come apart. For stability, we put smaller pieces of wood in-between the legs, so they don’t bend in and break. The only other thing I done, was make sure I sanded down the whole table so when the cast pick it up they will not get splitters. Overall with the table I thought I put all of my ideas and they were taken on and portrayed in the table idea. The only other main thing I done was set was the diner. I also helped by putting all the steel deck up, and painting some of it. As well as decorating the sides of the steel deck by covering them up with pallets and other things I helped out with. With the diner, we were going to use our original plan, however we used all of the wood we had of it for the jail doors because we were running out. So instead, we knew what pallet we were using, we put legs on the pallet, just like we did with the table and made sure it was straight. We wanted it to be taller than the table because it was counter. However we had a problem, as the diner was too tall when we put it up, so we had to improvise and try and cut down the legs when they are still attached to the pallet. This was very difficult because we didn’t want to break the wood because we were bending it. We also didn’t want to take the legs out because we didn’t want the risk of screwing the legs back in and splitting the wood. After we were able to cut down the wood, we needed to support the legs beca they were on wheels and if you rolled it, it would make the legs bend. So like the table we supported it with more wood just lower down because need to keep the legs equal way apart, like the top bit. I thought this was good problem solving and thinking fast on our feet because we didn’t have a lot of time to finish this because we needed other things to do as well. We decorated the front and side of the diner by pulling off wood from other pallets and drilling them onto the diner. We needed another piece of wood in the middle of the counter because the pieces of wood were not long enough to go all along the length of the counter. Overall with the counter, I was very pleased with how I problem solved and how quickly we thought of the idea and just did it because of the amount of time we had.

I also was put on props were at first, we researched everything because of the period of time Bonnie and Clyde was set in. We made sure we had a props list that we were able to change, and that is why we had it on my laptop, and overtime we needed to change something we just quickly did it, saving it over every time. With the props, straight away James wanted to make the guns, which took up a lot of his time at home, so we needed to try and do everything in college hours. There were slight problems we had, especially with printing things out because if we were there on a Saturday we couldn’t print anything out due to not having a colour printer. All the printing we had to do on production week, except from the magazines that I made, which I printed out ready for the dress tun the next day, because I thought it would be best for the cast to practice with their props and to make sure what they were brining on and off. I wasn’t worried about the money either because I had tested it out at home and showed and asked what it looked like, so we didn’t come closer to the show and not know how we are doing it. We were able to print most the things off before the dress run started ta 11:30 because people had English or Maths. Many of our props we did hirer from Khaki Devil, which we also got costumes from. We knew this place is good considering we have borrowed things from there for another production. All the props I was very happy with except from the hairdryer, we were going to try and make a cover for the top of it but we didn’t have enough time and it didn’t look to bad because of the colour of it. It would have been different if it was a brighter colour but because it was white and it is only on for one scene so it was fine for that little bit. But that is the only prop that didn’t look 1930s.

During the shows, I wasn’t doing much, I was backstage helping people with props or costume and just making sure nothing goes wrong. During Act 1 Lucy and I would already start getting the props on the right side so we knew if that prop was on SL or SR and then it would be easier for us to take the props into that side. We knew that there were some props that were used in Act 1 that needed to be used in Act 2, but we still went over where everything was in the interval like we did at the beginning with Act 1. I would have tried to help out more with everything if I could have and maybe sorted out more things for myself to do during the performance. I knew if anything went wrong because then I would have to sneak into stage to try and sort it out, which never happened luckily. The only thing I had to be careful about was trying to give Beth her cigarettes because after everyone has gone on for Gods Arms they leave the tab open at the back and they the audience would be able to see me.

Overall with set, I thought I done very well and showed off all of my building skills and problem solving especially since we didn’t have a lot of time. I wish I would have helped out more than I did with the planning of the steel deck and the proscenium arch, other than that I thought I helped out with everything and when working as a team with building the jail doors, table and counter, I’m glad my ideas came across and we co operated it into the idea making it stronger. Overall with the props, I thought I done well with the props list and researching with all the props, however I wish I would have done something like James did but he took all of the building things he could do at home because he has the resources. However on the other hand I’m glad I didn’t because it means I helped more out with set and I had the wider range of props I was looking at. I want to improve on my planning work and trying to get everything done in time before other things go on and get in the way which leads to not having a lot of time to gather everything up and build everything.



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  1. Well done Zoe, you have effectively communicated your analysis and interpretation, you have independently synthesised information and applied reasoned decision making in the development of your ideas.


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