Unit 8 – Task 1 Section 1

Bonnie Parker was married before she met Clyde Barrow, when she was only 16 years old. The man she married was named Roy Thornton, Bonnie’s school sweetheart,  which is very useful fact and event that happened in her life, because she was wearing that wedding ring when she was shot down. Which we will have her wear as part of her costume because it has an impact on the story. While Roy was in prison, they never crossed paths again, however never got a divorce. Roy heard about Bonnie’s death while he was in prison and said himself, “I’m glad they went out like they did. It’s much better than being caught”. As well as during the story, the fact that she is married comes up, especially when Clyde first meets Bonnie’s mum Emma. I think the reason that Roy is not bought up again is because everyone in this area goes to jail, so it’s nothing special and nearly every wife is happy that they have gone. This is shown in the Blanches hair salon. Also because Clyde has escaped from prison, so he has more of an adventure side, so Bonnie’s life will become more different than her regular life is, shown at the beginning of the musical. Clyde was also married two times before meeting Bonnie, this isn’t announced in the musical we are doing. I think this is because he always moved around, and went to prison and was in so deep with the law. Also Clyde is a bit of a flirt, meaning he has been around with some women. However Bonnie is a flirt as well, shown in her diner scene at the beginning.

Bonnie Parker Gets married (2016) Available on: https://worldhistoryproject.org/1926/9/25/bonnie-parker-gets-married (Accessed: 5th April 2017)

While Bonnie and Clyde were outlaws, robbers and criminals, the Great Depression was going on in America. The Great Depression was the longest ever economic downturn in Western world. This was in the United States, which is why it affects Bonnie and Clyde and especially because neither of them come from a wealthy family. Even though they only robbed small shops and gas stations in the Central area, they were known nationwide. However after Clyde came out of jail, with Ed Crowder, who assaulted Clyde, Clyde had changed. Ed Crowder was the first person Clyde Barrow had killed, then after that, killed a Deputy while escaping from prison. I have seen a way that shows Clyde kill Ed from the broadway, with lighting, which I thought we could use similar way that they use it.

Bonnie and Clyde (2016) Available on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonnie_and_Clyde (Accessed: 5th April 2017)

In these crimes, it wasn’t just Bonnie and Clyde, they had a gang: Raymond Hamilton, W.D Jones, Henry Methuen, Joe Palmer, Ralph Fults, Clyde’s brother Buck Barrow and Buck’s wife, Blanche Barrow. These people were known as the Barrow Gang, which was activated between 1932-1934. All together the gang is believed to have killed at least nine police officers, among several other murders. Bonnie was presented in the newspapers as a machine gun-wielding killer, which gang member W.D Jones later testified he could nit recall ever having seen her shoot at a law officer. Her reputation, cigar-smoking gun moll, was because of a playful snapshot police found in their hideout. Many times during the musical, they talk about her glamour shots she has had done. I think this is mentioned so much in the musical because it means there is proof of her at least holding things, people who wouldn’t see her with. Everyone thought she was so innocent so the way to portray that is why costume. Even though she was poor, she would have things that symbolise innocence and her wealth. However, she is very flirty, suggesting her clothes be tight.




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  1. Well done Zoe, this is thorough and sustained historical research and investigation of relevant sources, interpretation of information used to inform and develop ideas.


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