Unit 8 – Task 1 Section 2

Bonnie and Clyde (full) (2016) Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ljIs6Z0Mxc&t=86s (Accessed: 5th April 2017)

A past production of Bonnie and Clyde I have seen, is the one put on at Broadway, with Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan as Bonnie and Clyde. Right at the beginning of the musical it shows the shooting of Bonnie and Clyde and to show this, they use flashing lights all over the stage, to symbolise how much they were shooting and how intense it was. I think this is a very good idea as well because it gives you an insight to how brutal life was. With the lighting for the rest of the show there is no colour, I am symbolising this to the period of time and because it changes to different scenes so quickly, all they need is specials for each area where the scenes happen. However, it looks like they use follow spots, meaning they can use their lanterns for a more warm and cool wash. We will be doing this, with fading one area down and bringing up another, to make the production flow and keep speed and tension going. Another lighting state they used in the production was when Clyde killed Ed in jail. I think it symbolised the darkness inside Clyde growing like his shadow does. I think we could use this in a similar way.

The set they have used, is different levels of pallets of wood all over the stage. This represents Texas and also the levels is a good idea because there are scenes that are so fast, that have to be there but needed one to change form one to another. Which is represented by music in-between, light changes and the area of set they are using. Because they use levels, they are able to build the centre higher , to be able to have a door leading down, for church scenes. Another thing i like about the set that they done, was Instead of curtains coming down, they have large pallets of wood that are able to slide across to show the car when needed and to create more area of set. They also have minimum set pieces because of the scenes they change so often. However, when they have a piece of set on, they make a big deal out of it, so you can understand what scene it is and why they needed that set piece to be there. What we were thinking was using one piece of set and changing it slightly so it can make another piece of set. It is going to be a curved counter top, which we were hoping to change from the diner, to the bank, to sheriffs desk and the general shop. This was also going to be under the large bit of steel deck, so that we can easily pull it out for when it is used and placed back under when it isn’t getting used. We want to keep the set simple, the same at the broadway production because our different levels symbolise different areas.

I was really shocked to when I saw pictures of what Laura and Jeremy look like when they have been shot right at the beginning. This was a problem we thought about as well because right after young Bonnie and Clyde have nearly finished singing, the older ones, start singing with them and they don’t change costumes for a while. So the problem was with blood on their faces, however, it looks like they use some realistic tape that symbolises the blood but it also looks real as well.

bloodBonnie and Clyde broadway. (2016) Available at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/493355334154950640/ (Accessed: 5th April 2017)

This will be so much more easier because, they will not have red marks on their faces until the interval from fake blood on their faces. However, with their costumes, they will have time to change out of them, you just have to remember they need to sets of the same clothing, because this is them shown in blood and right at the end when they are getting in to the car they will have the same clothes on, with no blood on. With costumes, the productions look really simple because Bonnie and Clyde are both poor. So we are using this idea and most of the costumes, with the main characters, we will make the costumes ourselves. This is because if we borrow some costumes then we are most likely not going to be able to ruin them. This would only matter to the main cast, whereas police force, the costumes are most likely going to be rented because they need to look proper.

With sound they would have used a live band but it will be under the stage or in front of the stage because it is broadway. We are going to be using a live band, however it will be at the upstage, leaving enough area for people to cross cut. The only problem for us is how much space the band will be taking up, which we had figured out with steel deck and we have plenty enough space for all the action to still be spread out.

Props on the broadway, they didn’t use that many only the essentials because on how fast pace the musical is. We are going with the same idea because we don’t want people in the middle of one scene to be moving set on in the background. The main idea we are going round is already have some things set around the stage only just tired over or covered, so it is easy to move around and move it to the place it needs to be set. This may or may not work depending on how much space we have and how much space will get taken over by the set.



Bonnie and Clyde 2015 (Full Show) Available on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNOituniiLo (Accessed: 17th April 2017)

Comparing to the broadway version, this seems less budget. For the set they also use a lot of wood and only two levels. It is a really simple set, they use a door on stage to symbolise when people are leaving and it is a easy way to portray when a door is needed. You can see right at the beginning, there are different areas of the stage that are specific places, they are just in the dark until the lanterns shine on them. They use a very simple car that ours will kind of look like it, except from ours will actually be metal and not wood, the car looks like wood but it may be metal. I do like how they have specifically cut up the stage to be able to have specific wallpaper and to make it actually look like the place they are trying it to look. We wouldn’t be able to do this because our stage isn’t big enough and I don’t think it would look professional in our theatre layout. They have minimum of set like the broadway version and also like we are going to use and this is because of how many scenes there are and how sometimes during a scene it changes between locations. The only problem with the set is they don’t keep the production moving because they go to blackouts in-between and i am hoping our one carries on with a fade down and fade up. Props wise they don’t really use any at all, only the essential ones and they don’t look very expensive either, which could be from the budget or the fact they were actually poor as in Bonnie and Clyde.

Just like the broadway version, right at the beginning, the lighting is the same with the flashing lights from the gun shots, however it shows when it switches between Bonnie and Clyde the different colours from the lights shining on them. At the beginning Bonnie is at a funeral where it is a cool wash and then Clyde has a warm wash, however when they both sing together they still have the washes that they started off with, so there is a contrast between the both. I like this idea because it symbolise both their lives, Bonnie has grief and Clyde is trying to live his dream. I think we could co operate this into our production f we have enough lanterns for a full warm wash as well as any colours if the lighting designers wants any. A colour they use for the whole stage is a light purple, maybe for an older look and because it isn’t just a plan warm wash. The warm wash i think we are using has a hint of pink in it, to look more vintage.

Costume for this production, were just easy things to throw over another costume underneath, which we will have to keep in mind because there is a change on stage. Also they are not very complex costumes, they seem low budgeted but also really suit the whole Bonnie and Clyde look. Simple but very effected, because the little things in this production can actually mean a lot. The costumes were very similar to the broadway version, this is mainly because the history of Bonnie and Clyde and pictures show what they wore, meaning they wanted to include as much history as they could as possible.

The sound in this production would have a band as well, which is the only way I would suggest how do this musical because on how much underscore there is. The sound effects were at a really good level of loudness because we knew that was happening then and there. Sometimes the volume of a sound effect can be too low and just not have the same effect as it would because it wouldn’t catch your attention. There are some points where the band is way louder than the actors, this could be because of the mics needed to be turned up more, which could lead to the mics not having a sensitive needed. With singing, they were good but they interacted with the audience a lot to turn it in a comical way. The audience got into a lot because I reckon it was a local show so everyone knew everyone.

As of the props there wasn’t really any included in this. There were blackouts at the end of the scenes where people would change the set and they would put on the props as well. If they do use props they didn’t make a big deal out of it, so it could have been anything. Having less props was probably a good idea because on how powerful the performances were. Most of the props would be allocated underneath set because it was more about the furniture.



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