Unit 8 – Task 1 Section 3

With the work we have done so far, we collaborated a lot with everyone about the set and everything about Bonnie and Clyde considering on how many events that were going to be around the same. The dictionary definition of collaboration is “the action of working with someone to produce something”. With set specifically I collaborated with James, Leah and Tanya, the most but also Han to make sure we were able to do specific things and also Gary, so he knew how to block the musical, so it didn’t come to tech week and have to change everything. With props, I collaborated with James the most but then Gary as well, because we had to keep going over what he wanted and what was needed rather than just there for decoration.

So far, we have decided a few things in the creative team, mainly about set because that is the main priority but also because I am part of the set designers. So far with the set, we knew from Gary that we were going to have levels but at first we thought it would be just simple different levels. For example the band at 5ft, the taller steel deck at about 3-4ft and then the lowest about 1 foot. However we found a problem while trying to set it out and that was the length we wanted the steel deck for the band it too long and we wouldn’t be able to fit the treads on and we would be blocking the fire exit and the entrancing and exited door for the cast at the back. So we thought about making the steel deck for the band bigger with the width allowing the length to shorter. Also because of this, it did’t look very interesting, so we thought about having the band ta different levels. This making Paul at the lowest so everyone can see him at 4ft, the drummer at 6ft right at the back and the rest of the band at 5ft because the car will be going under this section and is going to be about 4 and a half feet so it needs to fit underneath the steel deck. This still led a problem for the treads coming down because we wanted a cross cut at the back so they can run around to the other side if needed. So we attached the higher level steel deck that the performers will be on to the bands one but just at a lower level so you can see the difference. We were then going to have the treads at the back so no on can see them because treads look more modern. For the smaller steel deck it is only 1ft and because you can just hop onto it, we are going to put wooden pallets around it to look more old fashion. We were also thinking about putting the wooden pallets on the rails because if not the rails just are just black metal for health and safety. We are putting more steel deck in then we thought about at the beginning but it means there is more space for the band and will probably make the sound quality better. However, we thought about the space on the floor, because Gary wanted space infant of the steel deck and in-between them. We were able to lay out the steel deck to show the spacing of where everything will go and there was still enough room for things to go on the floor.

Leading on, with props and set, things that are needed to be placed or is an item, like a chair or a counter. We were thinking of things being stored under the steel decks and just messed around everywhere. With the counter we are hoping it be be pushed under the larger performance steel deck and just be pulled out when needed and then pushed back in out of the way. With the chair we were thinking it be there but just tipped over so it doesn’t look like it is there until the scenes where they actually use it. I think we could get away with this because they were both brought up without any money and we were symbolising the stage as a front garden or back where in poorer places, things would just be placed there and stay there because it was rubbish. For the proscenium arch, we were going to build it out of pallets of wood and luckily enough we have many. At first we wanted all of the pallets of wood to be the same, however it would be hard and unpromising that we would get all the same wood and enough of it in time. So we collected some from around the college and also got some donated towards us. The good thing is they are all completely different. Some of them will need to be painted, probably all of them depending on how we want it to look.

We were able to make a first draft of both of the acts of the mic plan, there were only some issues and we will not know if it will work until we put the show together because of costumes and how long each section will be when it is off the book. Another draft we have done is a prop draft. We went through the script and got the props from that, however when we have been blocking, Gary has been saying what he wants and that isn’t a lot. So eventually we will need a meeting with Gary to talk about props really soon, so we can start collecting them. James has already been making guns with just wood, instead of renting them so we don’t have to use budget on that. We have settled with costume that most of the main leads are going to have costumes made for them, this is down to getting experience but as well so we can make them look more poor like they were. However, other characters, we are most likely going to have to search to rent them, which most of the budget will disappear too. For lights we have decided to keep it a general warm wash I think, with some colours in but that is down to our lighting designer. Most of the lighting states are going to be fades up and down to different areas on the stage so we only see the action to that part that is going on. Also if we do decide to carry props or part of the set on, we don’t want any body to really see it, if not it will ruin the mood from the performance. I do have some lighting states that I will share with our lighting designer, such as right at the beginning, with the gun shots having flashing lights but not just at the vehicle. By this I mean we have tried out shining lanterns through the wooden pallets that we would use for the proscenium arch and thinking about having lights shine through them. I think this shows to the audience how hectic and brutal the shoot out was. Another idea I had was from the broadway version, from where Clyde kills Ed Crowder, I think the idea of the shadow symbolises the darkness in Clyde is growing and I think we could use that or similar to it. By similar I mean instead, we could make Clyde look smaller or by fading all the lanterns out except a special on Clyde which would be very bright.



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  1. Zoe, you have shown a good understanding of the subject context here which is used to make sound judgements and clarify purpose.


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