Unit 8 – Task 2 (Props)


With props there was James and I who were allocated this job and at first I was a little nervous because I was fine to do set but props I thought there would have been too much to do. What we did first was go through the script and put all the props that were mentioned in the script onto a props list. This was kept on my laptop as the first draft because then we could go there and change a few things or as well as do a check list. The hardest part about getting these props were the fact it was in the 1930s. James said he was going to do all the guns because he wanted to make them by hand and they did turn out very well, they just took up a lot of time. We had a meeting with Gary about props and some things were discarded because they were not necessary and some were added in place of them items, because the blocking had changed. Even during the tech we didn’t have some props and that was because we were not able to print things out. Many of the props came from a fancy dress place that we also got our costumes as well. This was mainly because we needed to correct uniform for the police force and the guards.

The major problem we had for collecting props was we were too busy with Art and Life which was the year 1 commission work for 2 weeks that we couldn’t collect anything. Then the week after we that it was pre production week of Bonnie and Clyde and the main priority for that was to build the set. There was also a problem because before the week we started getting ready for Art and Life was half term, so we had a break off. However by the time of the performance we were able to get everything we needed.

During the tech run we had, my main priority was too see what side the props were coming on and off, and then Lucy’s was to see who was moving set. We wrote all of the props down in a table, and we allocated them to either stage left, stage right or in the corridor. The only things that were allocated in the corridor was the guns and anything they walk on with to start off with in each act. The only things we were not able to have with us for the tech, was the money, newspaper and magazines because they all consisted on getting printed out. With the money I had already tested out with what I wanted to do with it. It was either between folding the money or rolling it up, and rolling the money up looked more realistic. When we printed the money out it was more of a dull colour, so I decided to use one real dollar around the edge of all of the rolled up money, to make it look better. With the rolled up money we only needed to print it on one side, however we needed some money which was doubled sided because it is shown. We ended up printing loads out, so that the money bag we got looked like it had money in it and it was full. We first thought of putting some material in the bag to make it looked more filled up, however all of the money kept falling to the bottom so you couldn’t see any of it, which led to taking the material out and put a little more money in it. With the magazine I went and brought 4 magazines and tried to find the same size magazines, mainly because I wanted to print out on A4 paper. The researching for the magazine covers were ok to find, it was more I wanted to find ones specifically, but in the end I went for the ones I knew that were in the 1930s. I had to do two true detective magazines and two movie magazines. When I was gluing the front covers and back covers on, because magazine paper is very fair, the middle bit fell out, so i decided to tape sellotape on the outside on the bent bit and then in the inside so they stay together. This also gave it a more tatty look, which was good because on how much they use them and the fact it wouldn’t look the same as the magazines today. Then came on the newspaper, which at first I think James wanted to print out a whole newspaper, but then he saw the magazines and saw that by just gluing on the front it would probably look better. Also they never opened the newspaper so it only matters for the front cover. James had edited the front covers and then I had to cut down the paper because it was too big for the newspaper and then I had to glue the front and back on as straight as I could because the texture of newspaper. Another thing I also had to cover up was a chocolate box which had a modern day logo on. The way I covered this up was with A3 white paper, I tried to cut the exact size of the surfaces, however it looked really tacky so i glued the whole A3 paper on and just folded the paper around the edges. I had to do this on the bottom and the top twice because you could still see the logo after just once. On the original box there was a little bow on it and I attached it to the one i just made because if not it would look so plain.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.58.25Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.58.45Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.59.07Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.59.20Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.59.31Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.59.46


One thought on “Unit 8 – Task 2 (Props)”

  1. Also, good work on the props Zoe – very thorough and sustained research here plus you show an in-depth understanding of aesthetic awareness, imaginative and flexible processes, knowledge and skills applied in extensive enquiry to develop creative solutions.


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